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    mwye0627 reacted to RobotMan in My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration   
    We took Mikes car to the painter today for final striping and detail. Getting close to the end!  What a journey!

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    mwye0627 reacted to paulb in Paul's 69 Mach1   
    A couple more

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    mwye0627 reacted to BuckeyeDemon in 69 mach 408w build   
    a couple of updates if anyone is still out there....
    restored a 78 honda cb550 four.  was simply a means of getting a little time away from the falcon....


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    mwye0627 reacted to 69Stanger408 in 69 Mach 1 / 408W   
    Last part of build complete with the trunk enclosure.

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    mwye0627 reacted to 69Stanger408 in 69 Mach 1 / 408W   
    Interior just about complete

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    mwye0627 reacted to 69Stanger408 in 69 Mach 1 / 408W   
    Made my own console, just got back from upholstery shop. Started with cardboard, then 1/8" handy panel, followed by final product made out of birch plywood. Looking forward to installing it. The angled piece at the front is for the vintage air controls which ties it nicely to the under dash.

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    mwye0627 reacted to MorganLeBlanc in Morgans 69 Mustang   
    We finished up around five in the afternoon.  I went with the Dyno Max Super Turbo mufflers. V band clamps and a X kit from Summit Racing and well as a complete kit from National Parts Depot.  I have the turbo mufflers from the kit that I am planning to sell. I still need to weld on the chrome tips and make some minor adjustments.  Then I can fire it up. 

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    mwye0627 reacted to bigmal in GT500 Restomod   
    I have mine under the spoiler so it doesn’t stand out unless directly behind 

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    mwye0627 reacted to Ridge Runner in GT500 Restomod   
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    mwye0627 reacted to Mike65 in Mike65's 69 Coupe build   
    Hi Vic, Now that the weather is cooling off I will be back working on the Mustang between trips to southern Virginia where my wife & I purchased a house. The house is just west of Martinsville in Virginia which we are going to renovate to use as our house when we retire in 2 years, & we will sell the house we are currently living in here in NJ. Here is a pic of the house. The house sits on 1 acre of land & there is enough room to put up a 2 car garage to the left of the carport. I have to get more welding gas before I can weld in the sub frame connectors.

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    mwye0627 reacted to RobotMan in My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration   
    We finally got to enjoy the moment of hearing the motor crank for the first time!  What a great moment!
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    mwye0627 reacted to RobotMan in My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration   
    Thanks for the support. Lots of time with my son. Could not ask for a better project to spend quality time with him!
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    mwye0627 reacted to 1969vert in What is the"Vision" for your car?   
    My vision.. To run 9 seconds in the 1/4
    On pump gas. On motor.

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    mwye0627 reacted to SM69Mach in What is the"Vision" for your car?   
    Hey TexasEd, 
    I like your overall vision statement as mine is very similar with a bit of a lean towards the Pro-touring/Restomod vehicle.  I wanted more modern drive and conveniences of a modern car, but had to keep the original body with some slight changes that don't stand out drastically, but to make it slightly different.   
    A quick list of modern conveniences: 
    Vintage Air AC
    Unisteer Power Steering
    Cobra Disc Brake upgrade
    FiTech FI
    TKO600 Transmission with Hydraulic Clutch Setup 
    Upgraded Radio with Kicker Components 
    Street or Track Upgrades Suspension 
    TMI Covered Foxbodies in Mach 1 Upholstery 
    3 Point Front Seat belts
    LED tail lights and Halogen Headlights 
    Body Changes: 
    Removed 1/4 Panel Emblems
    Removed Trunk Letters 
    Removed Rear Wing/Still need to add Front Spoiler 
    Paint Whole Hood and Cowl Flat Black 
    Paint Tail Panel Flat Black 
    Painted on Side Stripe with Body Color Showing through for striping and MACH 1 lettering 
    17/18in Bullitt Wheel Combo 

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    mwye0627 reacted to Rubrhammer in 1970 coupe   
    LOTS of new parts! I do need a good though.

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    mwye0627 reacted to 69Stanger408 in 69 Mach 1 / 408W   
    She deserved to come out of the garage and take in the sun 

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    mwye0627 reacted to SHELBY69 in My 69 Shelby GT350   
    I bought her near mint 2 years ago. Doing a few mods, nothing crazy.  I installed a NARDI steering wheel, & 18” Halibrand wheels from the 427 Cobra. EIBACH springs, sway bars w a 1.5” lowering in front. modern BAER brakes in front w Modern MICHELINs, rumpy exhaust, & modern speakers I installed a 6 speed T5 trans.  She’s BEAUTIFUL but not very fast. Now I’m fighting temptation to drop in modern suspension, 600hp, & White Racing seats LOL.  Middle pic was when I got her, she was riding really high for some reason. I much prefer the NARDI & HALLIBRANDS over stock

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    mwye0627 reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    She is now on the rollover jig and strateed stripping the factory underseal off.
    I’m quite surprised how solid it is, she’s had 2 No. rear 1/4 with outer wheel well  and LHS torque box at some point, quite good work carried out.
    more pics to follow 

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    mwye0627 reacted to staffy in 69 Restomod (UK)   
    Here’s my other mustang, 70 Mach 1 which I’ve restored over an 8 yr period 

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    mwye0627 reacted to JayEstes in Galveston, Tx Sunrise   
    Saturday morning came early last weekend.  Got the old girl down the beach for a decent sunrise.  A few pics for anyone interested.
    The big old hotel in a couple of the pics is Hotel Galvez' on the seawall.
    Beach pictures taken down on East Beach.  They put too many poles up down there, making donuts a bit dangerous - but you know a few got made.
    Was a nice quiet morning out with the mistress...


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    mwye0627 reacted to Flanders in EFI Conversion: it's ALIVE!   
    I'll post more details once I get a chance to sit down and sort though things, however it's ALIVE after the first turn of the key.  Inglese intake, Holley Terminator X ECU.  I had to re-do the IAC wiring (the idle is a bit high in my first start-up video here) so my idle rpm and idle a/f are bang on.  It's coil- for spark, so dual-sync distributor is next...
    hopefully link works:
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    mwye0627 reacted to Ridge Runner in Bought a new toy !   
    Bought me a new toy ,why? Dont need a reason why to buy tools haha! Home Depot had an Evolution chop on sale for $230 . 
    Thing cuts 2 pieces of flat strap 3/16  steel like butter oooohhh baby !

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    mwye0627 reacted to mikeycoll in '69 Coupe Door Latch/Strike Issues   
    Move the strike out! Brilliant! I never would have thought of that. Thanks Shep69 and 69RavenConv it worked.
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    mwye0627 reacted to aslanefe in '69 Coupe Door Latch/Strike Issues   
    Did you check to see if the catch locks twice? Might be that it locks once and not twice causing the gap.
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    mwye0627 reacted to Caseyrhe in 70 Landau Coupe Special   
    Bought this car last year for 400.00, as a parts car. After getting it home and getting the 4 five gallon buckets worth of old acorns, rat and squirrel crap, and ?? it looked to good to part her out. When I got brave enough to take out the back seat and venture into the trunk, there I found the rest of the interior pieces, exterior trim,  light buckets, and another 2 five gallon buckets of nuts and crap. I stripped her down, went thru all the wiring, and got all the electrical working. I replaced the drivers side floor pan and off to paint and body she went. Rust was minimal, with just a few patches in the normal rusted out spots and a new used top of course. She came home today. 

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