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  1. Hey Ridge Runner - I'm doing a fold down seat conversion and need all the rear fiberglass panels (quarters, hockey sticks, trap door, etc). I'm not doing a concours restoration, but want something that looks good. Who makes the best reproductions?

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    2. RetroStang


      So $675 including the shipping? or is that just the items and you won't know the shipping until you box it?

    3. Ridge Runner

      Ridge Runner

      I wont know the shipping until boxed 

    4. RetroStang


      Thanks. I'm guessing the size and distance  will put shipping over $150. If I can't restore what I found, I'll let you know if I'm going to order.

  2. Thanks MikeStang. Is there a website for Ridegerunner? The rear piece above the trap door is one of my mysteries. NPD lists the brackets for around $25, but are sold out at all of their locations. I may have found them else where, but they are $45-50, which seems pretty expensive for what they are.
  3. Thanks for the link. I watched that one a while ago, and wondered if there were any differences between the 67-68 and 69-70. I realize I'm missing the brackets that mount that first panel (by the trap door) to the floor.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Any chance you have a page that shows how the panel under the rear window above the trap door attaches?
  5. Thanks for the link. That was helpful. I'm still hoping someone can post a pic of the parts diagram.
  6. I've searched, and am unable to find a picture of all the parts needed for the fold down seat and surrounding panels. I found several threads that pointed to a website called folddownseat.com but it is no longer in business. In in the process of converting my 69 from a non-fold to a fold down. I have all the main parts, but am interested in brackets, clips, screws, shims, etc. Does anyone have a copy of a picture of all the parts needed? I'm thinking it would be from the 1969 Mustang Parts and Body Illustration book. Thanks!
  7. I had those Pioneer 6X9 speakers in my car back in the 80s!
  8. I have several tiny holes (1/8" to 1/4") in my trunk floor, under the rear seats, and other places. I'm planning to weld and patch these eventually, but probably not until next winter. Does anyone have any suggestion of a product I can use to seal them up, that is easily removable when I'm ready to patch them? I was thinking of putting some Dynamat over them, but I've heard that is difficult to remove. I keep seeing the ad on TV for that FlexSeal stuff, but haven't had any experience with it. Maybe a marine type sealer or a seam sealer?
  9. Sven - Do you know where we can purchase the "Quick Clips" you refer to? I tried the link that was on your blog and it is no longer active. I'm really impressed with what you did with the fuel line routing and am trying to replicate it on my '69.
  10. Does anyone know if this will work for a '69 as well? I've been looking for a locking latch/remote release option that doesn't require much fabrication. Is the Bronco the only vehicle that had this?
  11. From my research, the stock tire height is 26 inches. In a 17" wheel, a 255/45/17 for the front and a 285/40/17 for the rear is the idea size. I love the 17" wheels I have on my car currently, but the rims are only 8" wide. 255s should be mounted on a rim that is 8.5" - 9" wide. For 285s, it should be 10-10.5". I'm not 100% sure, but I think the manufacturer of my rims is Specialty Wheel, and they don't make them any wider than 8". I like the AR 500s as an alternative, but I don't think 11" will fit in back, and they don't make a 10 or 10.5 wide rim.
  12. I like your stripe as well, especially the BOSS 351. Why is it only on one side? Where did you get it?
  13. There is no choke flap/butterfly on it. No vacuum diaphragm either. I'm confident that it's a Speed Demon #1282010. Thanks everyone for your help. Once I get under the engine, I'm hoping the build tag will be there so I can figure out the rest of the motor.
  14. Sent an e-mail describing my situation and got a response the next day! I need to look for a build tag that is just above the oil pan rail. Hopefully it will still be attached.
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