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  1. I have been the past three years and took my 69 mach last year but it doesn't look like I am going to make it this year.
  2. Have you had problems with your pressure plate being out of balance? I have a vibration at 2500 rpm and the pressure plate is the only thing I can think of that could be causing it (that is if my machinist did everything he said he did).
  3. I haven't been on this site in a while. I was looking at some of these nice projects you guys have going and though I would post some pictures from a small local car show Dad and I went to this weekend.
  4. I should have been more specific before. I've got a older Lakewood scatter shield, centerforce II clutch and pressure plate, autozone throw out bearing, stock style z-bar that has been beefed up with plate steel, stock rod going from the pedal to the z-bar, homemade adjustable rod going from z-bar to clutch fork, stock pivots with new bushings, stock resurfaced flywheel, stock clutch fork, rebuilt wide ratio top loader 4 speed, hurst competition plus shifter bought in the early 80's with new bushings in the linkage. So far changing up the geometry by drilling the new hole in my pedal down lower has cured my problem. We will see this weekend, going to cruising the coast in Biloxi, MS. Thanks for all the input guys, Drew
  5. It has been a very long time since I have got on here but I was going let you guys know that I got my shifting problem fixed. I was not getting enough travel out of my clutch linkage and my clutch was not releasing like it should. I ended up drilling another hole in my clutch pedal down lower to get more travel out of it. Thanks everyone for the help.
  6. Yes that is correct. I am having a similar problem with my high beam lights. The low beams work perfect but when I switch to high beams they come on for a couple of minutes, flicker on and off, the all headlights go off completely. If I tap the dimmer switch and put them back on dim the dims come back on and they work perfect. I'm thinking I need to replace my dimmer switch because I'm still using the original.
  7. I am having some problems shifting my top loader at high rpm's. Everything is new clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, pilot bushing. The transmission was rebuilt and I am using an older hurst shifter that my Dad bought in the 80's. We put all new bushings in the shifter and have it adjusted on the money. It shifts good until you get up over 4500 rpm. My rev limiter is set at 6500. It comes out of gear good but doesn't want to go into the next and it does it the worst when shifting from 1st to 2nd. If you let the RPMs fall down to about 4500 it will fall right in gear. Normal driving is perfect but trying to speed shift when revving high is very difficult. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Drew
  8. Sorry having some difficulties posting pictures from my I phone
  9. Went to Talladega,AL last night to a cruise-in. We got there about 8 and it was already over. I guess we were late as usual but me and Dad got to put about 100 miles on the cars, enjoy a pretty day and took a few quick pictures.
  10. I ordered 2 packs of 12 from mustangs unlimited (which was not enough for doing the front and back glass). When the glass guy was putting my molding on none of the mustangs unlimited clips I had would work (I only bought one style and not sure which ones they were but they were Chinese of course). Anyways I ended up cleaning up all the old ones that I could find and taking all of the ones off of a parts car I have and I ended up having just enough to put the molding on. I did not damage any clips taking them off because they just popped right off. There's nothing like original parts. Good luck!
  11. Mine has a tilt column in it that tilts up And down. My dad said he got it out of a 69 grande'.
  12. Thanks guys, Buckeye is this picture after you trimmed the lower hole off?
  13. Do you guys know the difference between the low profile and the drag profile? There website is not very informative.
  14. Awesome! I think I will probably go with caltracs. Was that with drag radials?
  15. Are the caltracs worth the extra money compared to traditional traction bars?
  16. Hey guys, I have recently finished my car and have been driving it some. I noticed that from a dead stop or slow speeds my car wheel hops. I have new rear leaf springs and I know that traction bars will probably cure my wheel hop problem. I started this thread because I want to know what you guys are using and what works the best. I am open to new ideas but I am not wanting to go the 4 link route. I really want to find the best functioning set of traction bars to eliminate my wheel hop and improve my traction as much as possible without to many drastic changes. Right now I am running 255-60-15 BFG radials t/a on the rear and one day I may get another set of wheels to throw some drag radials on and take it to the track to see what she will do. What do you guys recommend? Thanks, Drew
  17. That's what I was thinking. What other wheels did the boss 302's come with besides magnums?
  18. Does anyone know if any 1969 mach 1's came factory with magnum 500 wheels? I know the boss's came with them. I have been thinking about it for a while now and I knew this would be the place to ask. Thanks, Drew
  19. Awesome! I have just finished mine and have been driving it a good bit and enjoying the car.
  20. Good to see you working in your car Ash! I know you have probably already told me this but what are your plans for the car? An all original restoration or hotrod? Drew
  21. I Didn't use any gaskets on any type on mine and I have no paint chips. I even took mine off one time an put them back on. Are you using factory ford scoops?
  22. The fronts are 15x7 with 235-60-15 and the rears are 15x8 with 255-60-15 and yes it has the stock disc brakes on the front. Thanks everyone
  23. The fronts are 235-60-15 and the rear are 255-60-15. I did a ton of studying before I bought them and so far I am very happy with the size. I really like the staggered look myself. Thanks! It's been a work in progress for a long time now.
  24. Thanks everyone. Still have a few small things to do but it sure is nice to get to drive it! I have a set if hood pins and I'm thinking about eventually putting them on but I don't plan on doing the hood flat black. I don't really like the way flat looks against gloss black. Thanks again, Drew
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