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  1. Hi this is our video with a lot of 69er Mustangs. Greetings from Germany Oliver Aztec Aque 351 4V 4 Speed Calypso Coral 351 4V 4 Speed Wimbledon white 428 scj 4 Speed Silver jade 428 cj 4 Speed Acapulco blue 390 4V 4 Speed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd58_SM6pVw&feature=share
  2. Hello, yes I am only looking for the passenger door side. That would be great if you have one. I am trying to get one for a long time now. I ordered one in the USA directly from the producter Decal Magic and I even paid it, but I never got it. Then I bought a complet kit at ebay USA and paid it, but I also never got it until today. I would be really happy if you have one. Thanks and Greetings from Germany. Happy Christmas. Oliver
  3. Hi, I am searching for my Mach1 the passenger door stripe black-gold. Maybe anybody has one for sale? Thanks and greetings from Germany. Plamitzer@gmx.de Oliver
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