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  1. love the color lol I am just waiting on the gold side stripe
  2. Can we use the pictures of the members cars that were sent in for the banner update ?
  3. RandyBob

    Side stripes

    I feel your pain every day I look at my car and I ask myself stripe or no stripe. its your car do what makes you smile.
  4. Thanks I didn't even think about that.lol they should have it
  5. looking for a mach 1 clock for parts or complete. mostly just need the set gear and spring thanks
  6. I had to shim the finders only a little but mostly I spent 2 or 3 nights adj the hood hingest you would be very suprized at how much they effect the over all hood fitment
  7. 1969 428 cj built and restored at home in northern ca
  8. Ok you know how things come up during the build and your thinking should I or should I not ? I had a friend close out a auto parts house and set me up with some NOS aftermarket parts from the early 70s in this case a Hays pressure plate and clutch plate. I was kind of hesitant but I did it lol, I have to say so far 150 miles the car shifts great and no clutch chatter at all.
  9. RPM I hear what your saying for the most part I didn't think I had much to offer with some of the cars I have seen on here I learned so much from this and other forums. Now that the car is on the road I cant hardly get in or out of it with out a crowd I figure I belong lol Here is a ridge runner plug here is picture of your fine panels Don't worry no NOS parts were harmed during this restro thanks by the way Mach_1
  10. Thank you RPM I live in del norte county in Calif on the oregon border we also have a pebble beach here lol. The 2 things I think about all the time is do I put the gold mach ! stripes on and do I bother with the rear ride height good problems lol. Here is a picture of the car back in 2004 I am power washing it before sending it off to be media blasted.
  11. Yes I do agree its never done just dont tell my wife.lol the wheels are 17x8 and 17x9 coys with 245/45 275/40 BF comps I am letting the car settle before I decide if i am going to lower the back. No they didnt move the rocks but do to rising sea level and 33 years of pacific northwest storms they have moved the turn out back a ways so the angle is a bit different.and the first pic was taken with a 110 kodak..lol
  12. ok folks just wanted to share with you today This is for the ones taking years to finsh their mustangs I started mine in 2003. its all but done as of yesterday. I want to thank you all for your help and ridgerunner for the parts. here are some pics the car is all but done just need to fine tune a couple of things My due date was to be april 22 I missed it by a day. the car was built on april 22 1969.took a ride out to pebble beach and took some pictures at the same spot I took pictures when I bought the car april. 1983.So 33 years later here is the same car at the same spot. never give up and just enjoy the journey the car is a mach1 428 cobrajet 4speed
  13. I think that the dark gray will work I was going to paint them anyways. So ya I am in
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