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  1. Looks like you're exaggerating on the size that you really need to use ;) Things are coming along very nicely Vic !
  2. How about I come down there and kick you in the ars, then some beers :)
  3. Sorry about that and thx Bob. So yes something like this (incase you didn't see the build) http://s628.photobucket.com/user/Tyler_Pfister/media/1969 Restoration Project/541_zpslycw9q2p.jpg.html
  4. Sorry there Ash , all the best mate. Boy that's a great project you got going there.Look forward to the updates.
  5. Did you give a slitter look a thought ? Great fab work !
  6. Things looking great ! Curious on what you're running for a spare tire ?
  7. It's should be done with an acrylic lacquer w/out using any clear coat. Yes, the upper parts anyway.
  8. Ok I thought they were going on the speaker cover.
  9. The turned out spectacular ! This was one of my favorite threads to follow. Great job Jason.
  10. Yes very fun to flush it out of block and cooling system...
  11. Would a lapel pin work Ok ? Just epoxy or glue gun one on. JAT
  12. I hate the look of vinyl/electricians tape, makes things look like they've been repaired. I use hockey stick tape where appropriate. It tears/rips easy instead of pull and stretching or having to cut, comes in different colors and looks like factory fabric tape. Also doesn't turn hard and brittle.
  13. Was it the computer or the beers ? hehe ;) The front is coming along nicely
  14. That's funny, what beer do you boy's like to drink ? I like the atmosphere of your garage with all the brick work.
  15. Nice looking list of goodies, the louver looks great ! Who's rear spoiler did you get and how does it look. Some of the repops I've seen lately look pretty cheap.
  16. Looks like they did a nice job, car is looking pretty sweet !
  17. After doing this I realized that you probably have your boomerang moulding on.
  18. You will need a gauge that is capable of reading/displaying dual readings as each sensor will never have identical readings. Did a quick search and found this for you : http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/dlg1.php . I still don't believe that these are well suited for carbureted applications.
  19. Hopefully Brain Conway will chime in, if not send him a PM.
  20. Welcome ! Good to see you make it over :) Do you think you have everything ? Did you start this project ? Manuals can be somewhat helpful, but if you don't think you have everything maybe consider something from Painless or American Autowire. Lots of help here also to maybe help figure out connectors and what not.
  21. Looks good Bob ! Are you keeping the deluxe wood inserts ?
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