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  1. I can really imagine that it looks great ;) Stupid PB
  2. lol
  3. Just look at the trans oil pan bolt pattern
  4. Like I said I use it on brand new vehicles
  5. Probably like this, I even use it on new vehicles.
  6. The same with mine, the grommets would look nicer though
  7. That'a boy Bobby ! If you are still going to keep the lid closed on the console I would probably just put flocking on it.
  8. Looks good Bob ! This gasket works great, even after a few carrier removals, make sure to use dry.
  9. Where's the factor for tire height ?
  10. Torque converters always slip until lockup is switched on or activated/allowed by TCM. You should be under 2400 RPM in OD with 3.75 gears, I'd have to do the math.
  11. Yes whats your preload at and what are your spring rates ? What setting are the front vs the rear. I'm guessing no anti squat adjustments. So many variables when setting these up. Try 3c 5r for the street, found this to be a good starting point. Once dialed in they are a great shock.
  12. Welcome ! Great story, look forward to your updates and progress.
  13. Wondering if anyone has seen or had one before. Thought I'd share because of the other radio threads lately.
  14. Yes, pics, pics and pics and welcome !
  15. Still good good stuff Bob