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  1. Looks like you're exaggerating on the size that you really need to use ;) Things are coming along very nicely Vic !
  2. How about I come down there and kick you in the ars, then some beers :)
  3. Sorry about that and thx Bob. So yes something like this (incase you didn't see the build) http://s628.photobucket.com/user/Tyler_Pfister/media/1969 Restoration Project/541_zpslycw9q2p.jpg.html
  4. Sorry there Ash , all the best mate. Boy that's a great project you got going there.Look forward to the updates.
  5. Did you give a slitter look a thought ? Great fab work !
  6. Things looking great ! Curious on what you're running for a spare tire ?
  7. It's should be done with an acrylic lacquer w/out using any clear coat. Yes, the upper parts anyway.
  8. Ok I thought they were going on the speaker cover.
  9. The turned out spectacular ! This was one of my favorite threads to follow. Great job Jason.
  10. Yes very fun to flush it out of block and cooling system...
  11. Would a lapel pin work Ok ? Just epoxy or glue gun one on. JAT
  12. I hate the look of vinyl/electricians tape, makes things look like they've been repaired. I use hockey stick tape where appropriate. It tears/rips easy instead of pull and stretching or having to cut, comes in different colors and looks like factory fabric tape. Also doesn't turn hard and brittle.
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