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  1. Welcome ! Great story, look forward to your updates and progress.
  2. Wondering if anyone has seen or had one before. Thought I'd share because of the other radio threads lately.
  3. Yes, pics, pics and pics and welcome !
  4. Still good good stuff Bob
  5. Ok this would of been your chance to do the Lato side exhaust conversion ;)
  6. Looks great ! With the outside surrounding rocker are you going to give it a stainless steel treatment or just going with body color ?
  7. The stamp should say "great" instead :)
  8. Turned out and looks absolutely great !
  9. One of my fav build threads, look forward to the update pic's :)
  10. Great stuff as usual Buck, hope you keep sharing the progress of the Falcon
  11. Whats the red dot on the right head light ?
  12. Damn that looks nice ! Congrats to all those involved in the build. Thx for sharing the journey.
  13. Sweet !
  14. What paint/color did you end up using for the dash ? That's great that you stepped up for your brother, look forward to the updates.
  15. +1