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  1. 69 fastback roof medallions

    After doing this I realized that you probably have your boomerang moulding on.
  2. Wideband sensor and gauge

    You will need a gauge that is capable of reading/displaying dual readings as each sensor will never have identical readings. Did a quick search and found this for you : http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/dlg1.php . I still don't believe that these are well suited for carbureted applications.
  3. Hopefully Brain Conway will chime in, if not send him a PM.
  4. 69 Fastback Wiring Woes

    Welcome ! Good to see you make it over :) Do you think you have everything ? Did you start this project ? Manuals can be somewhat helpful, but if you don't think you have everything maybe consider something from Painless or American Autowire. Lots of help here also to maybe help figure out connectors and what not.
  5. The Bitch is Back!

    Looks good Bob ! Are you keeping the deluxe wood inserts ?
  6. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Incandescent bulbs for sure, I've always liked the way they light the gauges. Great work so far ! I see you went with no carpet inserts on passenger side.
  7. Craig from New Zealand

    so the engine bay will be ?
  8. Craig from New Zealand

    Holy shite , that looks really nice ! Now all the prep work makes sense. What color is going to happen in the engine bay ?
  9. Coming along great ! At least the metal is behind you.
  10. Ash's 69 R-code

    Bagging and tagging and doing some metal work, nothing to exciting. Your engine looks great by the way ! Are you going to Glyptal the oil galley ?
  11. Trans Fluid Foams after long hot cruise

    Fluid not over full ? The dip stick shows the correct level ? Common symptom of an over full automatic. Just a thought
  12. Ash's 69 R-code

    I do mine in a vacuum seal bag. Things are looking great a Ash !
  13. Mach 1 resto in Australia

    I can really imagine that it looks great ;) Stupid PB
  14. 1969 Door Tag