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  1. Bob, Yes, I still have times where I miss that car. I had it set up really well and being that is was a plain Jane 302 fastback I didn't mind mods to it. Also, I still find myself thinking I have a tool that was lost in the fire. I did buy this with the insurance Money from the car. As the picture shows, it was from Florida. NY does not have palm trees. It was from a collector that passed away. It was a really nice car, but it never really felt like it was mine since it was already restored. Plus, the motor must have had 11:1 or more compression since it would ping even with the best gas I could find. The estate guy told me they ran 100 octane in it. So.... I sold it about two months ago. I am not kidding when I say it took only 20 minutes to sell it on Craigslist. I couldn't believe it. Ended up getting this about a month ago. 67 GT Cougar. Early production car. Got it from an original family out of Colorado. It is probably the most original Mustang/Cougar I have ever owned. XR-7's hadn't come out yet but the guys aunt put about every other option in it. It even has a working tilt away wheel. I've been really enjoying this car, nothing feels like a big block car. Jim
  2. Bob, Thanks for the compliments. Maybe if I was retired and not doing a ton of other things I could makes some and get a few bucks. On a tangent discussion of front strut rods, I currently have a 67 Cougar GT. 67 cougars use an articulated strut rod where the joint is near the arm. I'm not exactly sure how this helps especially since it is not a ball but an axial joint. Jim
  3. I thought about, but I'm not sure I could do it and make any money. It would be fun though. Jim
  4. Kris, Well.... It was holding up fine and I drove it hard. I also did coil overs, and a rack system. But then I had a garage fie and lost everything in it including my 1969 fastback. I got the car out but not far enough away and it caught fire. Engine compartment up to interior dash. At the time, I wish I had known I wasn't going to keep the car since I would have taken these off as well as the custom rack setup. Insurance would have never known the difference. Anyway, from what I used it, it worked great and really freed up the suspension. Best handling Mustang I've ever had. Jim
  5. Hello all, I just re-imported all the images to this thread that were lost during the sites upgrade. Makes this thread more interesting than imagining what the parts look like. Jim
  6. Thanks everyone. The sting is lessening over time but every once in a while I think of something else that was in there that I lost and it all comes back. I got really tired of hearing that night from others that it is just "stuff" and it can be replaced. Well, some of that "stuff" were items like the tool box that my now passed mother gave me, the antique tap and die set I had that came in a wood box or the battery charger I still had from when I was a kid. And let's not forget all the hand tools that I have busted knuckles with for over 20 or 30 years. I know most on this site get it, since we work on our cars. It is good to be part of the Brotherhood of the Garage. I will keep updating as I go through the insurance process. Thanks again, Jim
  7. I haven't posted here in quite a while and I wish it was for better reasons. Well, the worst thing that could ever happen, happened to me last Sunday. My garage had an electrical fire and I lost every tool I had. I also lost my 69 Mustang Fastback and 87 Honda Magna. I ran into the garage to save the Mustang and got it out but because of other vehicles in the driveway, I couldn't get it far enough away. By the time I started moving the other cars, the Mustang was in flames. I had posted in the past a lot of the custom modifications I have done to this car including rack and pinion steering, strut rods and monte carlo bar. To say that I am down is an understatement. Jim
  8. Although cool, there are a lot of things I can do with $200. Very low on my list. Jim
  9. Grabber70Mach, Sorry about that. I don't use the site a ton anymore after all of my old posts got removed since the site update. I also didn't know that my message box was full. Apparently the update made several duplicates of messages. Anyway, I deleted a bunch of them. I e-mailed Larry just before Carlisle to see if he was going down there. Send me a message to refresh what rack parts you are referring. Jim
  10. Why is Pack adding thumbnails to my post? I tried to edit them out and it won't let me. Jim
  11. Bill, welcome to the site. I live just south of Albany. Unfortunately I won't be much help on the shop advice since I haven't had to use one yet.
  12. "Build us a New cool Chin spoiler Ridge LOL" I second that thought! Jim
  13. jfried,I don't know why this didn't pop into my head earlier but I have the bracket set up for the Randells Rack that I am not going to be using and would let go for a good price since it is just collecting dust. The bracket has the rack in it still but there is something wrong with it. Randells Rack uses the modified "J" car rack. I still have the tie rods too. You would need from Randall only the rack, a pump and steering linkage. It might be a way to get into a rack set up pretty cheap. Let me know if you are interested and I can get you pictures of what I have. Jim
  14. Max, Are you happy with the Performer RPM heads and your build? Jim
  15. jfried, "J" cars are a GM platform from 80's thru the 90's. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GM_J_platform Although Randalls Rack uses a "J" car rack, it is modified and you are subject to dealing with him only if you have problems. From my experience, this wasn't the best experience I've had with a vendor. My "J" car rack is located further back and is used just as it came out of the box so I can go to NAPA and get a replacement for about $100 if need be. I'd point you to my install but since the new site changeover, all of my posts are gone. Jim
  16. jfried, My advice is to go with a rack setup. Nothing beats them especially with your pro-touring thoughts. I have a simple "J" car rack in mine and love it. It is the best handling Mustang of the 10+ I've ever had. Good luck and let us know what you end up with. Jim
  17. From Revology's web site's titling and registration section. "The titling and registration process is relatively new in many states, therefore the local DMV office may not be familiar with the procedure." Eeeesh! that's what I want to get involved with. Sounds like hell and a lot of trips to the DMV. Ridge Runner, Very cool conversions. So you can get all of the internal rear seat parts required? Also, I know 69/70 Fastbacks have a different "A" pillar angle. Is this also true for 64-68's? Jim
  18. Mike65, Post some pictures if you can of your install. I imagine some here would like to see how it goes and how the fit of the new parts is. Jim
  19. I agree. Also nothing against the first gen cars (They are the ones I fell in love with as a kid) but the first gen is also limited on wheel size/width which limits more performance options using a un-modified body. Again, I applaud the idea, I just don't get the price. I could get a pretty decent first gen car for about $30K. Leaving me with a budget of $90K to modify it myself or have someone else do the work. It just seems like I would have a bunch of money left over. Jim
  20. I had a 67 fastback with a 390, 4 speed. It was a standard bore but had a Cobra Jet top end with pop up pistons. I beat my buddies 71 454 Chevelle. Good times...
  21. Cheap, cheap. Ouch! $120K? I applaud the effort, but who couldn't build one of these cheaper with that kind of budget? http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/cars-company-selling-brand-new-1964-ford-mustangs-031715 Jim
  22. Pak - "Now that things are smoothing out everything that was older than a year can be looked at and uploaded accordingly, porting over 10 + years of data in one shot is just not easy." Are you saying that I should be able to find stuff that is over a year old or that you are now looking at getting things older than a year available? Jim
  23. Here is link to a FE 390 stroker build that I was following. He is building a 427 out of a 390 for a Cobra kit. Lots of good info and other links too. I like the 390 stroker because if stroked to a 428, you should make more torque than a 428 since the displacement will be due to stroke not cylinder bore. I also like the Scat rotating assy's since it is internally balanced. For the price I don't think you can beat it. http://thefactoryfiveforum.com/showthread.php?1215-Engine-Build-Thread-427ci-FE-Big-Block Jim
  24. I put a lot of time making my past threads that are all gone now. So for me, it's just not worth the effort to go through it all again. So I don't really check the site much anymore. It's kind of a bummer since this site used to be a good resource. Jim
  25. I agree with fvike. A coil spring will only adjust ride height if the top end of the spring is attached to the body. Jim
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