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  1. got a switch on the bench if you want to try it..

    1. JayEstes


      Thanks!  but I was able to pick one up locally - should be here today, so I hope to wrap this up today - I'll post the findings back in the thread later today.

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  2. Thanks, Jay.  I tried to send a message to Dennyb68 through the 69stang site.  It said he had not visited the site since 2016.  I assume he will have to visit the site to see my message?  And ideas how I might track him down?  Thank you.


    Jack Wheeler

    1. JayEstes


      If the guy still has email notices on the acct, he might see a post directed at him- not sure- that’s what I was hoping.

      I lost my catch in my rebuild.  Kicked my own ass a few times for that - so I feel your pain.  I Finally found a guy who sent one in NOS box for next to nothing.  Looks like you’ve got a lead or two to follow- hope something works out.


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