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  1. This Sunday Bayside Church in Granite Bay, Ca (near Sacramento) is having a Ford and Mustang show open to all years. It is a free event and from 6-9pm. A friend is bringing his 69 barn find mach 1 along with another buddies 69 428CJ. Hope to see some of you there. The address is 8191 Sierra College blvd near Douglas rd.
  2. Looks like a pretty solid car--wish you were closer as I am helping a friend find a 69 locally. Good luck.
  3. wow--this build will be awesome.......
  4. Nice work. Why so many cross bars in the back? Are you going to paint the roll cage or powdercoat it?
  5. Hopefully they show the TV episode here in the USA.
  6. Have you measured to see if your scoop is centered on the hood?
  7. The children and estranged wife of legendary sports car designer Carroll Shelby -- the guy who designed the epic Mustang and Cobra -- are locked in an epic battle to determine who gets his body -- which has still not been buried a month after his death ... TMZ has learned. Here's the problem -- Carroll and Cleo Shelby were legally married when he died in Dallas May 10. But here's the deal ... they'd been estranged since he filed for divorce in 2010. Cleo is claiming since she was still married to Carroll, she has the right to control Shelby's body. But Shelby's kids have a document they say is signed by their dad giving his oldest son the right to his remains. Now Cleo claims the signature on the document is forged, adding he didn't have the "physical capacity or eyesight" necessary to read or sign the doc. And there's a twist -- while his divorce petition was pending, Shelby filed a petition just last April seeking to have the marriage annulled. In the annulment docs, Shelby accused Cleo of lying to him for the 14 years they were married -- lying about her real name, her assets and pretty much her entire past. So for now it's a standoff and the body sits in the freezer at the medical examiner's office. But one thing could turn the tide. A judge is actually allowed to grant the annulment even though Shelby is dead. If that happens, the kids win.
  8. wow--looks great, can't wait to hear it idle... :)
  9. Not a bad price, about what I sold mine for a few years ago. Try contacting American Mustang or Sacramento Mustang in California--they have installed late model wheels on early cars.
  10. I met this young man at a car show, took a chance and was very happy with the final product--might have him do one for me too.
  11. The WW have always baffled me too, I install them every time and the bumpers seem to fit ok, couldn't tell you if I did it right or not though.
  12. I see he let someone else try and do the burnout at the end--I think I would have had him video and me do the damage.
  13. Those wheels look awesome on your car--wish I still had my 70 just for those wheels.
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