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  1. Yup, you were spot on! It is amazing how similar they are, easy to make that mistake. But I should have marked them, thats the big lesson here....
  2. Thanks, my wife might disagree with that!
  3. Ok so full disclosure! I found the real issue. I was using the wrong wire harness! Back when I started working on the mustang I was in the middle of building a 68 corvette into a road race car. I had stripped the wire harness out of the vette and set it aside but didn't label it. Needless to say that was a bad idea. Long story short, the mustang got taken apart, the wire harnesses got put into the same box, neither labeled. Fast forward some 25 years, after divorce, and moving several times I started working on the Mustang. I'm sure most of you reading this are thinking, couldn't you tell the difference between the Vette harness and the Mustang harness, well, you would be surprised how similar they are! It makes total sense now though the vette had 4 headlights and a very similar setup in terms of connectors, and the color code was exactly the same! Lessoned learned. over the weekend my son and I have been able to get everything wired up! Thanks everyone for the great ideas and tips. Hopefully I wont need your help anymore, but it's great to know there is help out there if needed.
  4. I think you may have just solved my problem! Ill have to see if I have those extensions! IT's been so long I may have stuck them in another box. Thanks for the compliment on the color, its actually House of Kolor, Smurf Fondue Blue. It has just a little pearl in it so when the sun hits it, it really pops. Thanks again, for the tip.
  5. Thats what everyone i saying, but mine comes right from the firewall and does not have plugs.
  6. Right now the harness is just lying loose, Im in the process of putting it back in, I just wanted to make sure the headlight plugs would fit, and thats when I found out they were short.
  7. The harness is just one piece, there were no plugs, Yes there are horn connections, just didnt get them in the shot.
  8. Ah gotcha, well thats the one that was on the car when I took it apart, and I know the original owner, So maybe it came with a different harness? I think no matter what im going to have to use the extensions to make it fit.
  9. Ill look tonight when I get off work, but I don't see how that will make a difference, that wont make the connection between those two plugs any longer. What my picture is showing is how short the distance is between the 2 plugs.
  10. I have the other harness your talking about, it hasn't been cut or shortened. The problem is I took it out some 25 years ago, thinking I would get it back together sooner rather than later! But as everyone on here knows, life gets in the way and here we are. So I know it fit at one point, but I just can't get it to work no matter what config I try. For some reason those wires going from one headlight to the other, the pig tail is to short. Im tempted to remove the headlight buckets and see if that works, thats the only thing I didn't put on the car, the paint shop did that.
  11. I tried swapping them around, still to short, I hate to do it, but I did buy extensions for the Bulbs I bought,(Ceramic plugs) That should fix the issue, I'm just pissed I can't figure out why the original harness wont work. Thanks everyone for the comments appreciate the help.
  12. Heres what mine looks like: As you can see the plugs are just to short to reach from one bucket to the other.
  13. Yeah I must be doing something wrong cause I've tried running mine like that, but they are to short. Ill try it again and see if there is a better way to route them.
  14. That does help, my issue is i cant seem to get the plugs to line up, when I plug in the outer light the wire harness is to short to go to the inner light, so I must be doing something wrong, the wire harness is the original harness, so it must go on there some how? Do you happen to have a shot of the harness going between the two lights? I know thats kinda of a weird angle, but that would help.
  15. Thanks for the pic. It's the bucket connections I cant figure out, they don't seem to match up with the bulbs and this is the original harness off the car! So Im wondering if there is a specific way to get the connectors to the back of the buckets?
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