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  1. Thanks. I will have to check with the engine builder on the stroker kit. I don't see a brand name on my receipt. Mark
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to pass on a "School of Hard Knocks" lesson. On my 69 Sportsroof I have a FE 390 with a stroker to 445ci. I have a Quick Time bell housing, T-5 tranny and the Modern Drive Line clutch cable set up. I have 428 CJ exhaust manifolds. Everything hooks up and works excellent. I wanted to go with long tube headers to get more horsepower and torque. I had a set of custom made headers and went on just fine. Went to re install tranny and bell housing and my schooling starts. The bottom left corner of the bell housing has the opening to mount the clutch cable to it. Well its directly in the spot where the header was. Being close to the end of the header I couldn't bang the header to make room. I called MDL and they confirmed that on a big block with T-5 the clutch cable wasn't compatible. Then they checked in an external hydraulic clutch but it only works on small blocks. Stress level is starting to rise rapidly. MDL said my option was an internal hydraulic clutch. (Sounds expensive). Being my only option I pull out the wallet. I had to cut off that corner of the bell housing. Installed the internal hydraulic clutch withe the help of my friend who happens to own a automotive shop. All went well but still have to fill it and test it. Price of tuition - friend's labor to be determined and cost of materials $595.00. Mark
  3. Thanks for the additional information. It makes it all much clearer to determine the correct location. Thursday will be the big day to cut out the hole. Thanks Mark
  4. Many thanks to Mike, Stuart and Ridge Runner. That's exactly what I needed to know especially the punch out versus drilling it. Mark
  5. Hi Everyone, Well the school of hard knocks came by to visit me today. We took the FE 390 out of the 69 Sportsroof to install the long tube headers. I have the T-5 tranny and Modern Driveline clutch cable set up. We went to put the clutch and bell housing back on and the headers and bottom left corner of bell housing overlap about 3/4". I talked with MDL and they said the clutch cable will not work with a big block and long tube headers. I would have thought the engine builder who ordered them or the Header shop would have said something. According to MDL my option is to use a internal slave cylinder kit. Just $600.00 more . The car was an automatic. Now that I have to use the internal slave cylinder kit. I need to locate and drill out the factory clutch cable hole for the linkage. I have read something about a dimple on the firewall for automatic cars is the correct location . Does anyone have a pic of the dimple, or factory hole. Today was a painful and expensive day at school. Thanks Mark
  6. Thanks a lot. Just what I needed. Mark
  7. Hi Everyone, I am looking for pics of a FE 390/428 with long tube headers in the gear box area. I'm ready to install my headers and know that I have to drop the steering an inch. I have the bracket to lower it but a picture of how it goes on would help me a lot. Thanks Mark
  8. Thanks Dave. I haven't heard of that website. I will check them out. Mark
  9. Barnett, thanks again for recommendations. I checked ebay and didn't see any available. Mark
  10. Thanks Brian and Barnett. If I read the chart correctly I would need the C9WY 10884-A (SW 888). Thanks Mark
  11. Hi Everyone, I was wondering what brand of temperature sender is everyone using. I have a FE 390-4V. The car has the factory tach and gauges. Is one brand better than another? Thanks Mark
  12. The Painless model number is 20122, 14 circuit for 69-70 Mustang. I would have used Midlife (Randy) if I did it over again. I wasn't aware of him then. In fact my 68 Mercury Parklane I will be sending to Randy the complete wire harness later this fall. Mark
  13. I have Painless for my 69 Sportsroof. The guy that installed it wasn't real happy with it. He had just done his 70 Mach 1 with AAW. My mechanic likes AAW and has done several cars with it. The main difference I see is Painless doesn't have a overall schematic to use when trouble shooting an electrical problem. The instruction book is fine for installing it. Mark
  14. Thanks everyone for the advice. It appears that I need a vacuum pump to solve my problem. Barnett468 what brand and type would you recommend? Thanks Mark
  15. Thanks Dave, makes sense. Hopefully someone will have pics of both so I can get a better idea of what I'm dealing with. Mark