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  1. Looking for a set of bumper guards. No dents. Need a nice set for rechroming.
  2. Anyone have a set of front bumper guards. They don't need to be perfect as I will get them rechromed but preferably they would not be dented. Thanks!
  3. I think I have a set in the shed off a 70. I can send you pictures tomorrow if you still need them. Just send me your email.
  4. ok anyone have a clock panel with broken tabs, a broken clock and a map light...ha. Don't need the woodgrain...
  5. It's for an auto. I need the clock side now. Not the drivers. I have the woodgrains so just looking for the clock, housing and map light. One with good tabs. Thanks
  6. Do you have the woodgrain dash and clock panels? I need them for a project. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for the woodgrain instrument panel and clock panels complete. If anyone has can they let me know cost and shipping to NJ. If you can send pictures that would be great. Thanks. Marty
  8. I have a really nice set of drip rail moldings if your interested for a vinyl top car
  9. I do have engines left. Do you need a 351c or 351w? All will need to be rebuilt unless you just want a block. Also shipping will be truck frieght and as an estimate probably around $150...If you are interested PM me and I will get you more exact info.
  10. Here is a picture of the power steering mounting bracket..
  11. They are different. Almost the same but the alternater bracket mount has a extended mount that the bolt screws into...I'll see if I can attach a picture.
  12. you can get one at CJ Pony or Mustangs Unlimited
  13. I have an used OEM front sump oil pan and pick up tube. Cost is $35 + $15 shipping. Total is $50.

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