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  1. I just made one location point top and bottom. I mocked up the ride height and had the eyes of the shock at a length of 14" when I tacked the brackets on. Hindsight I would have added a couple more points on the lower for adjustment. I'm going to try it where it sits and let everything settle in then make changes from there.
  2. Thanks for the concern and info. Judging from the first pic I can see why you guys were bringing the safety concerns up and rightly so. How about the spring question I had? Any thoughts?
  3. The car is being supported on a rotisserie as you can see in the background below. The blocks were being used to represent ride height not to support the car when I’m under it. Jack stands were used as well
  4. I have the suspension bolted in and the ride height where it was before the 4 link swap. I have the coil spring adjuster near the bottom to get the height correct with the 200lb springs. I guess I will try it here when I get the car back together but if I dropped to 150lb springs I would probaly have the ability to drop the rear height a little If I wanted right?
  5. I have the AFR205'S as well along with the FPA headers and like Alan everything fits at stock mount height. I went with the Stealth intake with the middle divider blended down and a custom cam and convertor. It makes more power than I need for sure but I don't know if it would hit the HP goals you stated, never had it on a dyno.
  6. The DS501'S I ordered came with the COM8T-102PK bearing mounts. Did you guys use the optional thrust bearing kit, P/N 7888-109, for making adjusting the coil spring adjustments easier?
  7. Thats what I was thinking of doing with the cross bar. Thanks for the help!
  8. Bob, You wouldn't have any pics on what your top bracket looks like for the coilover and where its attached do you? I have bought a pc of tubing and am thinking of attching it to both inner frames and building a bracket off it for each side? That looks like what some kits do.
  9. Understood. I just want to make sure I am in the ballpark the first shot at it. Do you run a QA1 shock as well? I was thinking of getting theirs as a set?
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll pull my receipts and see what springs I have on the front then go from there.
  11. I am ready to order the rear shocks/springs for the four link rear suspension I am installing. I need to know what what lb spring works good on our cars for street driving. Does anyone know the car weight on the front and rear? If anyone has some suggestions it would be appreciated.
  12. Here is what I have made to raise the lower arm well higher than the pic. It will tie the front in near where the existing leaf spring bolt point is but drop thye arm until it it level to ride height per the instructions. It will use the 1/2" bolt thru the leaf spring point and the front will be welded to the bottom of the rear torque box. I made a bracket for the rear that will have a pin in it to locate and center itself off the existing leaf spring bracket on the axle. It will use a 5/8-11 bolt through the axle bracket and the original u-bolts to the axle. I just feel better with this stuff up higher near the subframe brackets. Please forgive the welds, I'm definetly not a pro lol. Any thoughts?
  13. Looks like the pic I had added wasn't showing up. I added it again.
  14. I wish that was my garage. It is a belated friends. He was a good guy.
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