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  1. If you're still looking for a shifter mines out and in great condition!! Let me know.
  2. Guys, I have a brand new TMI Headliner in Black Moonskin and insulation to go with it. I bought this for my 69 and then ended up going with the TMI one piece headliner so this has got to go! I'm asking 60 bucks shipped to the lower 48 states for both pieces. If your local to me or close by let me know and maybe we can meet up and save some on the cost. Thanks!
  3. Did you adjust the brake booster rod already?
  4. Nice! I went with a Corolla unit. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, power steering removed and manual drag link installed and also kept the PS gear box. I did buy a flaming river unit that I'm going to install as well to replace the factory gear box, mine has a little bit of play in it. Once I get it started I'll take some pics, but I'm still in the gathering parts stage. I found a great page that has tons of pics and builds, I'll PM it to you, I'd post it but not sure how the forum is here with linking to another site.
  5. Holy cow man, so sorry about your car!!! Hope everyone was ok! I'll take those brakes though if youre gonna part it out now haha. Oh man and just noticed the plates, ouch.
  6. Looking for a non tilt column like the title states. Doesn't have to be in good condition, just complete for the most part. I'm looking to cut one up to build an EPS setup, so let me know what you got, thanks!
  7. Anyone out there have a clutch cable kit for a 69 mustang they decided not to use or want to sell? Let me know, thanks!
  8. Disregard, just saw you said for a 70, sorry.
  9. Casey I might have what you need. Let me check real fast.
  10. Anyone have a Modern Driveline clutch cable conversion kit they want to get rid of? I'm in the process of gathering parts to convert over to a t5 and thought I'd check here before buying online. Thanks!
  11. Where you located, I'm in clarksville, tn. I have a set as well if the others dont pan out.
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