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  1. whoapony

    WTB 69 NON Tilt Steering Column

    Nice! I went with a Corolla unit. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, power steering removed and manual drag link installed and also kept the PS gear box. I did buy a flaming river unit that I'm going to install as well to replace the factory gear box, mine has a little bit of play in it. Once I get it started I'll take some pics, but I'm still in the gathering parts stage. I found a great page that has tons of pics and builds, I'll PM it to you, I'd post it but not sure how the forum is here with linking to another site.
  2. whoapony

    WTB 69 NON Tilt Steering Column

    Thanks skidmarky!
  3. whoapony

    S*it happens! :(

    Holy cow man, so sorry about your car!!! Hope everyone was ok! I'll take those brakes though if youre gonna part it out now haha. Oh man and just noticed the plates, ouch.
  4. Looking for a non tilt column like the title states. Doesn't have to be in good condition, just complete for the most part. I'm looking to cut one up to build an EPS setup, so let me know what you got, thanks!
  5. Anyone out there have a clutch cable kit for a 69 mustang they decided not to use or want to sell? Let me know, thanks!
  6. whoapony

    Flaming River Steering box

    message sent!
  7. whoapony

    1970 Front Side markers

    Disregard, just saw you said for a 70, sorry.
  8. whoapony

    1970 Front Side markers

    Casey I might have what you need. Let me check real fast.
  9. Anyone have a Modern Driveline clutch cable conversion kit they want to get rid of? I'm in the process of gathering parts to convert over to a t5 and thought I'd check here before buying online. Thanks!
  10. whoapony

    WTB: 1969 Tail Light Buckets

    Where you located, I'm in clarksville, tn. I have a set as well if the others dont pan out.
  11. whoapony

    69 sports mirror question

    Thanks guys! Yeah I have the early 69 panels with the rectangle cut out, but unfortunately got an original restored late 69/70 mirror with the 90 degree bend. I just bought an early 69 mirror with the straight control knob that will work on my door panel. I was hoping to be able to use the one I had, but guess its a lesson learned haha.
  12. I have an early 69 sports roof that was missing mirrors when I got the car. Before I knew there was a difference in the early and late 69 cars, I ended up getting a late 69/70 mirror with the 90 degree arm. My question is will this work on an early 69 door panel or do you absolutely need the straight on cable setup? I haven't tried it yet and was hoping someone has already or knows the answer, thanks!
  13. whoapony

    ISO Drivers side Lock knob rod

    Thank you Casey!! You went above and beyond and I appreciate what you did!
  14. whoapony

    ISO Drivers side Lock knob rod

    Yes sir, that's the one! Sending you a pm, thanks!