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  1. Factory housing in fantastic shape with highly visible part numbers. Asking 25 shipped to the lower 48.
  2. I have 2 brackets for sale. The unpainted bracket is from a 70 mustang, it's been bead blasted and that's it. Does not have clutch pedal bushings in it, great candidate for roller bearings. The 69 bracket is a reproduction with roller bearings installed. There was a little grinding on the bracket and can be seen in the pic, it was never installed in the car though. The washers werent put in behind the spring locks, one is missing but you could easily pick one up at the hardware store. Asking 60 shipped for the 70 bracket and 100 for the 69 bracket.
  3. I bought these to use on my 69 but ended up sticking with the stock setup for now. These use the larger bearings and are also used by many for the big brake upgrades out there, but I'm pretty sure if youre looking at these you already know that. I'm asking 280 shipped to the lower 48 states, please feel free to ask any questions. I've media blasted them and thats it, they will need to be painted and I would replace the bearings since the ones in the hubs are condition unknown. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Bigmal! Everything is original except the horn, that was a reproduction.
  5. I did mine myself, it was a pain but worth it!
  6. Just an update, Quick Performance returned my call and confirmed that the guides are not needed on aftermarket units due to tighter tolerances.
  7. Man, I've tried that too! I"ve called Yukon twice and left 2 voice messages, no return call and i've emailed them with no response yet. Thats why I was hoping there was someone here who has cracked open an aftermarket Trac loc. Tons of info on ford parts but not much on aftermarket stuff out there.
  8. I did but they are closed on weekends, I ordered the springs from them, guess I should order the guides too and go from there haha.
  9. Has anyone in here rebuilt a Yukon Trac Loc? Dissembled mine and it didn't have any clutch guides in it and only 2 springs. Now I know ford used clutch guides but wasn't sure if Yukon did as well since they use harder metal compared to the clutch plates and getting through to Yukon to answer questions has been impossible. If anyone can shed some light on this I'd appreciate it!
  10. Nope, but I can.say that he is a TMI stalker. When someone says to look at the reviews, well I figured why not. When you do a simple google search and click on multiple ones, guess who was always in there bashing TMI. It's good you're sticking up for MTF, you must have purchased his product. I didnt, so sorry hahah, and happen to love my TMI headliner. Soo when the OP asked about headliners I gave my opinion and didnt bash any other products, just mentioned cost which is a big component for some people and the fact that it's been great!
  11. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are both molded to the roof of the car haha. I mean every company that makes regular headliner replacements are all copying one another then. That's great that competition doesnt bother you, it's the american way!! I just noticed you like to slam them every chance you get on multiple forums especially when people say they liked their products.
  12. Why do you say they copied you? It doesn't look like MTF headliner, its made differently and according to you its not as good, so is nobody else allowed to make a 1 piece hahah. I'm enjoying mine and it looks great, and once again it shipped free so no worries to me on that part. As for reviews I've seen many that are happy with the TMI one and gripe about MTFs price so I guess its all about perspective and for you since its a competitor you're not happy about it haha.
  13. I used TMI's one piece headliner, way cheaper than MTF! Free shipping and easy install with included sail panels. I did it in my driveway by myself with some clips. Definitely more headroom and the look is great!
  14. Thanks!! I got the switch off ebay, tested it and it was working. So far it works installed with a multimeter, I haven't put it in the car yet.
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