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  1. No problem. Good luck with the build!
  2. excuse the engine mess as I'm in the middle of a rewiring project...
  3. I will have to chime in for the FPA longtubes. Expensive, but you get what you pay for. Fits my 70 with a 351w, cable clutch, and borgeson steering box. Never thought i'd get longtubes to fit in that space, but they dropped in perfectly. fit and finish is top notch and still look great 10 years later.
  4. that is a steal for fiero seats these days! Congrats.
  5. yeah, hard to tell what "factory" height was on my original seats since the foam was essentially non-existent when i replaced.
  6. I have a set and they look great. I found that the seat bottom sat too high for me though. I don't think i'd be able to fit in it (6'2") when wearing a helmet. They've just been collecting dust in my house...
  7. I'd talk to Dan at Chockostang...He was extremely helpful when i was doing my p/s system.
  8. Mustang Steve brackets for late model Mustang set-up or the KH types sold by John at Opentracker. I have the late models discs on my 70 and the KH type on my 66. Both would work great for your application.
  9. It does not work with factory AC brackets. CVF makes an AC bracket for the 351c that i imagine would work with the p/s bracket. May not be the prettiest solution, but...
  10. @Rich Ackermann Check CVF racing for your bracket. https://www.cvfracing.com/stealth-black-ford-351c-power-steering-bracket/
  11. Here is mine. As you can see, there is a small gap around the speedo and tach. I have since bought another bezel ring off the speedhut website that is wider than what is pictured (overall width of 5.25"). It has filled the gap in better. As for the smaller gauges, i still need to work through some fitment issues. The top row is a very snug fit and i can't get the threads engaged enough to lock it in on the back. the gauges are 100% top notch from what i have seen so far. We'll see how they work once all my wiring is done. https://www.speedhut.com/ecommerce/product/2148/Billet-aluminum-4-5
  12. global west on my 70. Liked them so much, brown santa just delivered a set for my 66. high quality welds and powdercoating and great fitment.
  13. same issues cropped up in the jeep tj world. lots of blowouts and issues with the k&n filters. Only use wix on the jeep and motorcraft on my mustangs.
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