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  1. Explain to me the layers of carpet...

    my interior is gutted now and had jute and underlayment. I will tell you what it will end up with: - Chassis Saver then Dynamat Extreme then Dynaliner, and then carpet with jute backing...
  2. Is this raceway still going

    Fair enough gents! as long as they go to good homes. Vic, Been around old cars my whole life. There's pics of me teething on dad's 57 thunderbird steering wheel...that he still has and we are doing work on to this day. Almost fell through the rusty floorpan of a 66 dodge charger when i was a kid and dad was driving the newly purchased car home. My first car was a wimbledon white 65 fastback with the 200 in it...bought it when i was 14 and got it drivable by the time i was 16. My current 70 was purchased as a gift to myself in '06 after a 16 month tour in afghanistan. holding onto this one though...also fortunate to be living in another golden era of muscle cars and horsepower!
  3. Is this raceway still going

    too funny...i guess this works out for me though. When you guys get too old to drive your cars, let me know and i'll take them of your hands!
  4. Is this raceway still going

    Ha! This thread makes me feel young...and I'm turning 40 in a couple of months!!! Thanks.
  5. Antenna or no antenna

    i got rid of my antenna mount on the fender and it looks so much cleaner. no need for radio for this guy. i got what i need on my phone.
  6. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    Thanks Rich. I was the guy you talked to on the phone last week with the 315 area code, but lives in Colorado, discussing interior options. I still need to get my order in with you this week.
  7. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    rsanter, understand you are talking the seat frame. I will look at that as well, in addition to shaving foam. Looking to get as much clearance as possible, since my head literally touches the MTF headliner.
  8. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    rsanter, Agree with the specs. I know there are people that they work for, but just not for someone my height. I was considering trying to shave down the foam on the seat, but not sure what the second and third order effects would be on the seat cover. Since these are expensive, i did not want to do any permanent damage. I'm off for the next couple of days, so i plan on working on it some more. I was just hoping for someone to chime in with a fiero seat measurement, since that's a known quantity and common enough to compare too.
  9. Corbeau Seats vs TMI Sport Rs

    Thanks for the input. Based on the measurements on their website, these look to be tall for me in the sportsroof.
  10. Well, as i feared...i finished my factory seats with the TMI Sport R seat covers and foam. They look fantastic, but they are just too tall. I do not have much room from leg to steering wheel in addition to head room. So after much money and time invested, i simply have to look for a suitable alternative. I am leaning towards the Corbeau A4 or their fairly new RRS or Evolution seats. Based on what i read, the A4's have a seat height of 3.5" while the RRS and Evolution are at 2.5" (The TMIs are at 7" FWIW). Just looking for feedback for anyone that has used any of these their thoughts. Not really sure if the 1" difference is a big deal, but I'd like to think the more clearance, the better...but i don't want to sit on a cement block at the same time. Does anyone have any seat height measurements from the Fiero seat? That may be a helpful gauge. I define this measurement as simply the bottom of the cushion to the top on the front edge that you sit on. Any input is appreciated. Additionally, I have the MTF headliner in already. I am 6'1" and also suspect that the roofline of the sportsroof is lower than the coupe/vert, all contributing to the problem. And if anybody is in the market for new seats sat on for about 10 min, let me know...ha!
  11. Photo bucket 3rd party settings

    yeah, but 399 is so unreasonable...i am hoping no one pays and they either go out of business or significantly drop their price. Iam actually surprised there is not more backlash from this.
  12. Photo bucket 3rd party settings

    unfortunately, it's made a whole lot of threads much less useful. dont know what pb is thinking...
  13. Dash Gauges or A Pillar Pod Ideas

    I am planning on putting an extra couple of gauges in-between the humps of the dash, where an a/c car would have vents, I haven't found anything that would work yet, so i'll prob just fab something up. I figured its good use of a blank space that is within easy eye shot. Anyone else seen or done this?
  14. Sound deadening help needed please.

    i applied dynamat to the inside of the door shell. It does not need complete coverage and I applied in strips that were about 5" wide, so it could fit through the access holes.
  15. granada rotors (drilled & slotted)

    lots of thoughts on this, but will remain concise. i would pass on any drilled/slotted rotors from a performance perspective. Drilled are more prone to cracking...unless they are done right (read really expensive). I am also not sure how much slotted rotors will help since the advances in brake pad materials and associated outgassing. I track my '12 Boss 302 and run solid rotors with no issues. Now if you want it for the looks, then go right ahead...