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  1. Here is mine. As you can see, there is a small gap around the speedo and tach. I have since bought another bezel ring off the speedhut website that is wider than what is pictured (overall width of 5.25"). It has filled the gap in better. As for the smaller gauges, i still need to work through some fitment issues. The top row is a very snug fit and i can't get the threads engaged enough to lock it in on the back. the gauges are 100% top notch from what i have seen so far. We'll see how they work once all my wiring is done. https://www.speedhut.com/ecommerce/product/2148/Billet-aluminum-4-5
  2. cavboy78

    Sub-frame connectors

    global west on my 70. Liked them so much, brown santa just delivered a set for my 66. high quality welds and powdercoating and great fitment.
  3. cavboy78

    K&N oil filter issue

    same issues cropped up in the jeep tj world. lots of blowouts and issues with the k&n filters. Only use wix on the jeep and motorcraft on my mustangs.
  4. i have the fpa longtubes and borgeson box with no clearance issues.
  5. cavboy78

    1970 Fastback All New Wiring Help

    I've been looking at the AAW harness in my garage for the last few months. Tackling this as a winter project...
  6. cavboy78

    Gauge cluster

    this is the mustangs to fear dash panel with speed hut gauges. The gauges can be custom made on their website...a lot of options. Speedo is a GPS unit that will also do 1/4 mile and 0-60 times. they are all programmable idiot lights as well...shift light for tac, getting close to empty on fuel, etc... The panel itself is a nice piece. No complaints yet, but i haven't installed it yet. I also have the matching passenger side panel.
  7. cavboy78

    Gauge cluster

  8. cavboy78

    Suspension for the every day driver

    i think what is being missed here in this debate is the gargantuan size disc brakes on the new, higher performance cars that require larger diameter wheels. My track car has 18" wheels and they barely clear the rotors... Are 20's excessive? Yes. But you can easily run a brake combo that requires 17s or 18s. Say what you will, but i'd rather have big brakes on a track than a 65 profile tire anyday. But...i know the OP never mentioned tracking his car. So, yeah...15s and 65 profile tires ftw.
  9. cavboy78

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    will do. thanks much vic!
  10. cavboy78

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Vic, thanks! I must have missed how you did the grounding with the busbars earlier in your thread. Great idea and had not thought about doing it that way, but makes sense now. appreciate it! Matt
  11. cavboy78

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    vic, my wiring project has been delayed, but hope to get the battery to trunk then start the aaw harness in the next couple of weeks. If you could rewind for me here...did you run a ground wire from the trunk up to the engine block or just run a ground in the trunk and a seprate ground from block to frame? Didn't see it, but may have missed it. Build is coming along nicely. Your attention to detail and patience is what i will strive for!
  12. cavboy78

    Changing from manifold to headers

    x2 on FPA. Give stan a call.
  13. cavboy78

    351w rebuild decisions.

    f4te blocks are good for 650+ horsepower. If you are pushing more than that, than you have more reinforcements to do on your car than the engine block. hydraulic roller is also more efficient than a flat tappet, with less chance of wiping lobes during break in...
  14. cavboy78

    351w rebuild decisions.

    Also, i guess you could hold on to your old block because it's numbers matching. I sold mine fwiw, but mine isn't any special or low number car. Also, is option one to go down to a 289 block? If so, i would recommend staying with a 351w if that's what came out of it. Although some bits and pieces work on both, they all don't and there is $$$ in that. Plus, you'd prob be disappointed in a stock stroke 289 if you just came from a 351w.