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  1. Hi there, Might be time to move on and invest in something that will make money (or so I am told by my wife :-) Thinking about selling my 69 Stang mach1 w/: 351W with all edelbrock performer intake, heads, ... rebuilt and blueprinted, less than 100 miles on it Upgraded pertronix ignition New front and rear shocks brand new C3 transmission TMI interior Flaming River Rack and Pinion Too many other things to list: wiring harness, radio, 6 autometer gauges, .... Instead of listing a price and negotiating, tell me what you are willing to pay and see if you can make me sell it :-) Car is located in Northern VA
  2. Hi there, Anybody has a set of headliner bows for a 69 mach1 ? they do not seem to be reproduced. Regards
  3. Bump to the top :-) anybody else interested in selling some 69 interior door panels ?
  4. Alvin, Thanks for Hijacking my thread :-)
  5. Tried to PM you but system says you can't receive anymore PM. What would you be asking for the panels ?
  6. Anybody has a pair of deluxe/mach1 interior door panels (with all the trims, inserts, ...) ?
  7. Hey Mike, Nice machine. What gauge cluster did you install (Yearone ? I notice it is predrill for turn signals ?) and what gauges did you put in the column pods ? Regards
  8. Ok, can do, PM me the paypal address and your email, I'll sned you my address , ....
  9. Well, the whole quarter resells for 150 to 400 depending on seller and condition. If you are willing to cut out the bracket with 3 inch band of metal all around I can pay $50 + shipping to VA (scoops themselves sell for around $50 to $70)
  10. Tried to PM you, site says I can't so here goes: Are you willing to part with just part of the quarter panel ? Ideally I need 2 to 3 inches of metal around the bracket so I can weld if easily into the existing panel. Where are you located ? I am in northern VA
  11. I am looking for a used/partial LH quarter Panel to get the scoop bracket assembly cut out of them (or possibly just that part if you have it). The previous owner had reskinned the quarters but they only came in the 70 model (without scoops). Any help is appreciated, a new quarter is around $400, a bit expansive for the just the scoop bracket :-) Thanks in advance
  12. new repro are going for around 350 and up, this one needs lots of TLC so $150 sounds fair
  13. Several parts for sale. They came with my 69 Mach1 when I bought it and are either replaced or not being used since mine will be a restomod. Contact me if you see anything you are interested in. There is: a shifter, pop open gas cap, brackets, ac blower, neutral safety switch, center console in not too bad a condition, ... Pick up only in Northern VA
  14. FInally wired my new gauge cluster (year one + autometer cobalt gauges). Lots of cutting stripping and crimping indeed
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