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  1. We exchanged a few PM's around two years ago, can't believe it was that long ago. I don't know if you keep your PM's but mine was dated 11/2/12.
  2. I am mostly just a lurker now. I can blame it on school, work, the internship I just completed, or lack of equipment, but that would just be making excuses. I really just lost motivation. I am getting it back thanks to this. I recently purchased a welder and I am ready to tackle the sheet metal repairs. I still need a big compressor and more money, but will make due with what I have for now. This site is still the best and seeing others make progress helps motivate me. Pakrat, I know you will read this so where are the pictures of that deck lid you told me about?
  3. :thumbup: Nice rims, body work is looking good.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I agree that a 140 should meet my needs, but I think for just a little more money, the small 230v would be my preference. I am tempted to get the Eastwood 175, but just don't know about the quality. Money is always an issue, so just want to find the best welder for the money. I will continue to look for good deals on a better quality welder, so if anybody finds a good deal on a quality, smaller 230V, let me know.
  5. Looking for suggestions on a welder for doing body work. I will need to replace shock towers, floor pans, torque boxes, etc. I have done some of this in a class I am taking, but my schedule will require me to finish most of the repairs at home. I know Eastwood has a good deal on some of their welders, just not sure of the quality. I have used a Miller 140, but would hate to spend that kind of money on a small welder when for a little more I could get a smaller 230V. I know I will need a tank, cart, and upgrade electrical connections, so I am factoring that in as well. Budget friendly suggestions welcome.
  6. That's great news, I think you will be happy with the color combo. I do hope to get a text or call when she gets done so I can check her out. What are you going to do with all that garage space now?
  7. Thanks for posting the links, I looked the other day for the heim joint struts but could not find it. I may tackle this later on, when I get a little better at this. You must be a "train driver" if you are not a machinist, sorry couldn't resist. Now that I have a little knowledge, I can appreciate the quality of your work, very nice. I would like to make some nice hood hinges when I get into CNC, but that will be a little while. I would probably need some help with the prints if you know anybody. Any more progress on the other items you mentioned making?
  8. Thanks for all the great ideas, please feel free to post more if you have them. I will try and figure out which of these projects would be best for me to attempt. Once again, thanks for the ideas. Anthony
  9. I am fairly new to machining, only my 2nd semester. I am in need of some simple projects for manual mill and lathe. I know we have a few machinist on here so any ideas would be great. I prefer something I can use on my car or maybe a some homemade tools. Any ideas would be appreciated and if you have prints, please include as well. Thanks Anthony
  10. I would go for the 15" kit. If you are not going to keep it, I know somebody who may be interested in it when you get your original restored. If you need one for a while, I could bring you my standard wheel to borrow since mine will be a while before needing it.
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