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  1. You really need stripes! :001_tongue: I really need a big block!:laugh:
  2. Holy crap that did come up a treat, nice work. :yes:
  3. Good to see things are moving again and life is treating you well. Keep the updates coming, can't wait to see it in new paint. That is a nice set up you have there too, wish I had it. Unfortunately lifts don't work very well on an angled driveway. :death:
  4. You need the V8 explorer with 4 kids! and some valium I suspect. :death:
  5. Thanks Mike, I think it looks pretty tough and it sure sounds it too! I like how it has a 70's look to it with the outdated mag wheels and the stock ride height.
  6. Ha ha ha I wish! But seriously my wife is cool, she likes my toys and she pretty much lets me buy whatever I want too. But she doesn't like working on them much. In fact she helped me for the whole day to change over the suspension. After doing that she has much more respect for what I do with the cars and doesn't hassle me when I spend too much time working on it. And she has not offered to help again! I think she realised just how hard a work it is and how dangerous it is. Especially removing the looooooong stock front springs.
  7. Trailer looks kick ass, what a weekender!! Would be great for car shows too, like the autospectacular a willowbank for instance. Next one is April next year so it gives us plenty of time to get our cars done. I think once your wife gets a drive of that big block, she will be in love. My wife is not really into cars, but she just loves that yellow coupe. She calls it the Pussy Wagon so I had some vinyl stickers made for it. Even got the number plates "PSY WGN" for car shows. Personally I hate the car because it really is a lemon. I can put brand new parts in it and it will find a way to for them to fail. It made me push the bastard home about 200 meters and it damn near killed me! But it does have attitude by the bucket load. Pulled up for an RBT stop early one evening in the city and the cop told me to "Give it some, sounds awesome" as I left.
  8. Holy crap, that's nice work on that trailer! So you have been plenty busy then. The van isn't finished yet, like you I do not have the space in my shed to get it finished. My business has taken all the spare room but I have had some success with the van. All the rust is out of the floors and the cowl vents. Also the toploader I fitted works and shift nicely and the trans tunnel has been repaired around the shifter. Been working on both the stangs as well. Just changed out the complete front and rear suspension on my wife's coupe and been playing games with my mach1. I replaced the carpets in the coupe and will be fitting an alpine audio system in the next few months. So many toys, so little time. :)
  9. Hey Ash, any updates on the old girl???
  10. I had a bitch of a time finding one. I ended up having to specially order one in.
  11. I would toss the 302 completely and go for a 351 windsor and if you have the cash stroke that. I own a 351 mach1 which I just rebuilt to stock specs with a small compression and cam upgrade. It dusted off my big cam, roller rockered, ported head, 2700 stallied, big piped 302 powered coupe and my wife was driving the mach1! She didn't even use the gears, just let it kick down itself. Both cars are running 3.00 diff for highway cruising and both are well sorted and running well. Both running 600 vac secondary holleys. No substitute for cubes.
  12. As Linden said I think you possibly have problems with the choke supplying too much fuel and there is a timing issue. As said check for black smoke upon starting which will mean too much fuel. But it could also be a lack of fuel as cold engines need more fuel as it does not atomise very well under cold conditions. Lack of timing will also cause this problem and may explain the lack of throttle response. Also try a little throttle, about 1/4 when cranking which may help it start if it is getting too much fuel. A word of advice, never crank an engine for more than 5 or so seconds. Crank the engine for 5 then stop for 10 seconds, giving things a little time to cool then try again.
  13. I used 1gal to paint my coupe with 3 coats of straight colour with no clear. 1 gal of base and 1 of clear will be more than enough. As said previously maybe an extra quart of clear but no more.
  14. Excellent news mate. Good to know she will still be able to hear that big block rumble from down the street when dad comes home.
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