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  1. Nice, I was wondering what mine sounded like. I have the same exhaust behind Hedman headers. When I am playing around like you were I absolutely love the sound but most of the time (stuck in traffic) I wish it was a tad quieter. KT
  2. I looked. I think I lucked out and cashed in on someone else's mistake. They still list the carpet I bought but now the price is $314.99. Still the best price around. https://www.ecklers.com/1969-mustang-mach-1-fastback-molded-nylon-carpet-set-with-mass-backing-red-inserts-44-456685-1.html Kyle T.
  3. I got a hell of a deal on an ACC mass backed carpet. I got a unsolicited add from Eckler's and it had some mustang stuff so I looked close enough to spy a mass backed carpet for $211. Mine was 50 years old and past due. Further research led me to find out it was really from ACC and coincided with ACC's part number for their best carpet which is usually sold for about $375. I took the risk and I am glad I did. Looks and fit great. I'm not sure it's still available but if it is you can't go wrong. Straight from Eckler's invoice: Part # Description Ordered Subtotal 44-524048-1 1969 Mustang Fastback Complete Carpet 1.00 211.88 Good Luck, Kyle T
  4. I've had my Mach 1 since April of 77. It sat for years at a time and just became that much cooler to own. When I did have it running it wasn't a great driver until I upgraded to a rack-n-pinion about six years ago. Now I look forward to every minute driving it. Just wish it had air conditioning this time of year. Oh, I did manage to drive it to lunch today to meet an old friend that hadn't seen the car in 20 years. She was blow away. Moral of the story is that finally going restomod brought back the thrill of driving the old beast. Kyle T
  5. I went with the power rack by Unisteer. It was the single best improvement I have ever done to the car in terms of making it more more fun to cruise around in. Very easy to install too. Only a little grinding. Some will be quick to let you know that the rack will reduce your turning radius but I'm here to tell you that it still turns a lot sharper than my new F150! Now that thing is annoying in parking lots. Kyle T
  6. I had my mine painted in 1984 and still don't see any wear on edge of the blackout. Now the rest of the car is certainly ready for new paint but that edge isn't a problem area. --Kyle T--
  7. I also went with the Unisteer. I can't say enough about how much it improved my car. As mentioned the turning radius may be a little larger but since my daily driver is a F150 my mustang still turns tight by comparison and I'm good with it. I am now making plans for the same upgrade on an old Ranchero. Kyle T.
  8. I installed Unisteer's power rack in my Mach with a 351W. I also run Headman headers and a top loader. I had to do a little relief grinding on the rack's frame to get clearance for one of the wheel alignment bolts and other than that it fit right in. Car drives great and it think it was by far the best mod I've done to my car. Kyle T.
  9. When you short the wire at the oil sending unit to ground the gauge pegs out like that. It's one way to test to see if your gauge is working. If your sending unit is shorting out it will have the same effect. You could also have a short in the wire somewhere along the line. At any rate it is going to ground. Kyle T
  10. Yes, I went with the power rack. Really happy with it. Kyle T
  11. I also think adding the Unisteer rack was the best mod I’ve done to my car. The improvement in feel really puts a smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel now. I can’t recommend enough to go rack-n-pinion if you like to play on twisty roads like I do. As I recall I needed to do a little die grinding on the supplied support brace for a bolt clearance. Ten minutes and a little black paint and it was good to go. Kyle T
  12. Hi Doug, I want to thank you for your post. The subject matter got my attention because my own instrument cluster was pretty dark and the gauges almost impossible to see in any conditions let alone low light. After seeing the results you achieved with LEDs I was enthused enough to actually upgrade my own Mach 1. I started out with a package of LEDs and then found out I needed a replacement flex circuit. Before the new flex circuit arrived I realized that I might as well replace the lenses while I was at it. When I got my instrument cluster and dash reinstalled and turned on the lights I was blown away by how good it looks. I have been looking through seriously clouded lenses for so long I didn’t know how bad it actually was. Now with the LEDs in place it is better than new. Thanks again for the motivation. Kyle T 69 Mach 1 in Candy Apple Red Orlando, Fl.
  13. Candyapple Red is my favorite. That could be because I've owned my red Mach 1 for 34 years and the color has sort of grown on me. :thumbup1: --KT--
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