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    six_sigma got a reaction from anbo in Heater box removal   
    And yeah you have to drop the steering wheel. This is a winter project for me as well.
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    That is a VERY generous offer thanks, but I'm a little out of the way. Toronto Canada.
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    six_sigma reacted to barnett468 in Conflicting carb advice   
    unless your timing curve is optimal for your particular set up, it will never run as well as it could and may have burbles or flat spots upon acceleration that are impossible to fix by simply jetting the carb.
    the carb is rarely ever the only problem, and since timing affects jetting to some degree, you must have the timing properly set to be able to jet it as best as it an be.
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    six_sigma reacted to danno in AOD shift linkage buy one or fiddle   
    I made my kit.  I know that 20 years ago when I did my mod, the kits did not work. They all needed custom modification, so I made my own.  It is real simple and has worked fine for 20 years.  Get creative, make your own!
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    six_sigma reacted to det0326 in AOD shift linkage buy one or fiddle   
    I made my own using one from a 91 mustang.  Modified the throttle end and also made my own geometry correction plate for the FiTech  TBI.
    Works great, checked TV pressure and everything in spec's.
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    Ahh.... The joys of restoration.
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