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  1. Had a photo op this morning and took it. Back under the cover.
  2. I found a way to design some cup holders that did not require me to eliminate the parking brake handle in the center console.
  3. I decided to buy a Retrosound Malibu instead of going with the conversion. Why? $200 for the Retrosound vs $400 for the conversion. Retrosound received lots of great reviews so I went this rout. Sounds real nice and has the old 69 am look. Very nice.
  4. 11/20/2017 CCC UPDATE They say the 3rd times a charm. Well I agree. Very happy with my newly designed center console. One thing I could not do was incorporate some cup holders into the existing frame work, so Mich'l, my beautiful wife and I brainstormed a bit and she came up with the cup holder design you see in the photos. Great idea!! No more cold water bottles between the legs on long cruses. The cup holder fits snug enough yet can be put away during car shows. The 4 way stretch vinyl was easy to work with and the adhesive the real deal. She's already for next weekends AmeriCarna Live Car Show in North Carolina. Last car show for the year for me.
  5. That's from a junkyard mustang center console bracket I modified to mount the console to the tunnel. Wanna say it was a 98 but can't be for sure. It's been awhile.
  6. Was not happy with the first or second version of my CCC, so I took some lessons learned and fabbed a new one this weekend. Bought some 4 way stretch vinyl, professional grade contact adhesive and some black felt for the center glove box. Lessons learned from the first one, use the right or best adhesive. Buy vinyl that stretch's better around curves. The standard 2 way stretch not so good for custom work. Should have it completed and installed this weekend. I hope to be happier with this version. The panels get screwed to the square rails. Parking brake in the CCC along with a USB/AUX jack. I will post pix when I'm done.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. 3 quotes back. $375 to $450. All the same AM/FM/ AUX conversion. I thinks I'ma gonna go with Gary down in Florida. http://www.garytayman.com/
  8. Since I am tired of dealing with the out of warranty issues of my custom autosound radio so I dug out my AM radio and was thinking of sending it to Richard Blankenship for a 4 channel, aux hookup with Bluetooth. Any thoughts? Thanks
  9. I am in the middle of modifying my center console and had a thought. I have a manual emergency brake set up on the center console and thought about modifying it to an Electric/Electronic E-Brake. I know many newer cars/trucks have this. I thinks it would be a pretty kewl mod. Anyone try this? This would allow me to add 2 cup holders. Any thoughts?
  10. Build and install engine/tranny. This was my approach. I don't think there is a right/wrong to this. Good luck, your getting closer.
  11. So I started working on replacing the idler arm and find that the drivers side lower ball joint has about 1/4" of play in it. WOW! Passenger side not so much play at all. Remember the tire wear on the drivers side compared to the passenger. Hard to believe a ball joint would go bad after 4000 miles. So, I cant seem to find a source for a lower ball joint replacement. You know the kind that when you drill out the rivets in the old and you bolt in the new. Any suggestions? Thinking I just have to buy the lower control arm assembly w/ball joint attached. I wonder if the bad alignment added to my lower ball joint failure. I wish I could attach the video. Amazing!
  12. Larry My idler arm is original to the car.
  13. I will find a shop that will align to these specs and keep an eye on the wear pattern. Thank You All for the feedback.
  14. Believe me your not raining on my parade. That's what this forum is supposed to do! I appreciate all of the feedback to make sure that the new alignment was/is gonna fix my issue before I go and spent $250 for 2 new tires and end up wit the same problem. I felt great watching these guys meticulously go step my step to address my alignment. I appreciate everyone's feedback. So let me provide some information that may have been missing from my original post based on some questions concerning my set up that may help guide me toward resolving my problem. 1. New coil springs from Virginia Classic Mustang 67-70 Small Block V8/6 Cylinder Item #SU8306. 2. 1" Sway Bar 3. Mustang Steve's Disk Brake Conversion Kit using original spindles 4. 1" Shelby Drop 5. BF Goodrich 245/45ZR17 Tires 6. Rims from a 2013 Factory OEM Mustang Part Number DR3Z1007E Hollander 3906 Size 17" x 7" 7. 2" spacers All the way around. If by providing this information could provide the correct alignment numbers, that would be great. THANK YOU
  15. Afternoon Folks. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I was able to have my front end aligned this morning at a Ford Dealership. The fellah that does the alignments comes with high regards so I thought that I would try him. We spent 3 hours on her and worked at getting it right. In the end she needed shims added to the Upper Control Arms. I measured them to be .110" thick. I had no idea how involved aligning this car was. Next up is to buy new tires and keep an eye on the wear on the tires. I look forward to having this issue behind me. No worn, loose or broken parts.
  16. That is my plan. Thanks. I report back when it is checked out and correctly set.
  17. Thank you for your replies. I believe he is using original specs to align. There are no shims. There were several replies with specs to use that I will share with him or find another shop once I get new tires but not sure which one to use. Im inclined to go with Daze. Glad I won't have to abandon the drop. I'm here in North Carolina so any recommendations for shops that are familiar with this sort of alignment would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. I finally got the car over to the shop that originally did my front end alignment 2 years ago. She started getting "squirrely" on me when I drive it so I thought she needed another front end alignment. Front end was off and he showed me the numbers on the machine when he pulled down on the front end. Something is terribly wrong with my stock front end and need some guidance on what I need to do, I will do my best to paint a picture of the front end. She has 4100 miles on it. Went from drums to disk brakes with the original spindles. I did the 1" drop. Why? Cuz I thought that would give the car a better stance. New springs. New shocks. As you can see the tires need to be replaced. Drivers side worse than the passenger side. Robert talked about camber and bump steer and that's all Greek to me. Can someone dumb it down for me so I know what I need to be looking at? Should I abandon the 1" drop? Upgrade the front end? I just want to solve the severe wear on my front tires and maintain good front end alignment. Thanks in advance. In the mean time off to by 2 new tires. Bill.
  19. Anyone have pix of this setup in a 69? I would like to replace my lap belts with the 3 point seat belt. Thanks
  20. I grabbed a pair of bucket seats out of a '98 Mustang. Bought new upper and lower foam and seat covers from TMI. I had to remove the old seat mounts and weld them to the 98's. Great classic look. I had the back seat reupholstered to match the pattern of the fronts. Could not be happier. Very comfortable.
  21. When I rebuilt my coupe I decided I didn't want any gremlins screwing around with my electrical, so I planned and installed bumpah to bumpah a new American Auto Wire wiring harness. I'm not sure what your plan is or the extent of your build but it was real easy with a new AAW and with 3800 miles of flawless cruzin in 2 years, I could not be happier. Just my 2 cents.
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