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  1. For your possible donor cars, you can check out Ride Safely -- HTTP://www.ridesafely.com/. I picked up a donor 94 GT from there a few years ago and look often at what's currently available. Also, you can look for The Parts Farm --https://www.facebook.com/partsfarm/ or http://stores.ebay.com/thepartsfarm. I have not dealt with them, but they get in a lot of modular stuff. Reasonable prices. Like others have mentioned, I'd go with a stroked Windsor. John Kaase heads were mentioned, but I don't think he makes them for the 390. Windsor and 385 series, yes. Welcome and good luck! Chuck
  2. I have the retractable belts from a mid-80s Ranger, but I haven't put them in yet. They will probably encounter the same problems listed above -- the enclosure may be a bit big for the stock mounting location.
  3. I have at least 3 gauge clusters. 1 deluxe for the 69 and 2-3 standard. I'd really like to just move over the internal shaft and call it good. Just need to know if I can before I pull apart the 69's column.
  4. Does anyone know if the shaft that runs down the center of the 70 steering column will work in a 69 column? I am in the process of installing a rack and pinion and need to modify the column. I have my original column and acquired an incomplete 70 column. I don't want to cut my column but I also really want to install the 70 (different wiring and the electronics seem to be a one year wonder -- expensive and difficult to find). Thank you, Chuck
  5. Welcome to the forum and the Mustang Project Club. The E7TE indicate the engine is probably an 87-93. Roller cams started in 85, with the 85 manual transmission Mustang being the last with a carb. The cam should be steel, requiring a steel distributor gear. For a drop-in Ford carbureted distributor, the DuraSpark for a 1985 Mustang 5.0 is what you want. I personally run a Mallory Unilite, but then there isn't a lot of room around my intake manifold for a larger distributor. If I recall, the 302 went to the 351/HO firing order with the change to the roller cam, but firing order is entirely dependent upon the cam. You can use an old 289/302 flat tappet cam in the engine, if you desire, though I don't recommend it. The roller cam has much less maintenance and wear than the flat tappets. What's wrong with the distributor you currently have? Chuck
  6. You are talking about mounting it where the center speaker sits in the dash? Where in Florida are you? I'm up in the central panhandle. Usually, they put the robo-radars out for a few days then put the troopers out to hand you nice pieces of paper. Florida doesn't have front license plates, so I'm not sure they can easily devise a robo-ticket system, unless they take pictures from the front and back of the robo-radar. Chuck
  7. The GT40 heads came on 93-95 Cobras and 96-early 98 5.0 Explorers. The GT40Ps came on late-98 to 2001 5.0 Explorers. There's been lots of discussion on which is better. The general consensus is it's a toss up performance wise. Get the GT40s and don't fight with the exhaust issue. Junk yard pieces I've picked up are: Taurus fan (I am running a 94 water pump with Ron Morris adjustable motor mounts and should have plenty of clearance) Early 80s F150 wiper switch and control box Crown Vic front disk brakes (am still working on adapting those, but the calipers/pads are larger than the Cobra brakes) GM j-body rack from a 1994 Sunbird LE (be careful on selecting your donor, you want one with the Sport suspension (FE2, FE3, F41, FE7, which can be found on the RPO sticker, often located somewhere in the trunk) -- I didn't know when I originally went and ended up with a stock ration FE1) Long tube headers from a Fox-body Mustang (incase the rack upgrade interferes with my original long tubes) The hydroboost booster and master cylinder from a GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Van. It's pretty long when comparing it to the hydroboost/MC from a Mustang. (4.6L Mustangs are hard to come by in my PnP.) Front retractable seat belts from an 84 Ranger Rear view mirror and pig tail from a 94-98 Mustang Convertible I bought GT40 heads and intake off the internet, but 5.0 Explorers are common enough at my PnP I could have gotten them from there. The multi-speed windshield wiper motor is available on a TON of vehicles. It was used from 1966-1994 on various, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, AMC, Jeep and Mazda vehicles. Happy hunting! Chuck Edit: Where the f#(k did the 69Torino.gif come from and how do I delete it???
  8. I just started reading this thread. I am VERY impressed with the level of work you and your son have done! My hats off to you and your for awesome job done. You earn Father of the Century for getting him involved with the project and teaching him along the way. That is a beautiful red! What is the shade called? Chuck
  9. I'm running 235/45/17 and 275/40/17 on mine. I have 17" 1997 Mustang GT rims with a 1" spacer. Chuck
  10. I actually found several places that sell these for about $1.20 each. Even found a couple of places that have them shaped as pickups or '32 Fords. Chuck
  11. Awesome!! Thanks!! That is exactly what I was looking for. Chuck
  12. Thanks. I Googled for "aero shapes" and didn't find what I was looking for. 4x6 plastic cards would work, but I would prefer something like this. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of spray can lids. Those would probably work as well. Chuck
  13. What is the name of the plastic item on which the paint example is applied? I am trying to acquire a few and don't have a clue what they are called. Thanks, Chuck
  14. I had been looking at the CompCams Nostalgia+ N+271H (31-670-4). It should give a mild bump in performance with a nice sound. http://www.compcams.com/Company/CC/cam-specs/Details.aspx?csid=811&sb=0 I would use it, but it won't work with my roller lifter set up. CompCams recommended 35-324-8 (Xtreme Energy XE270HR) for my setup. Chuck
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