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  1. the one a buddy sourced is a from an '84. I really want to put a new part on. I'm assuming that since the car has disks on the front, it should have to larger reservoir at the back. The one currently on the car has the same size reservoir front and rear.
  2. I have stock type front disc/rear drum manual brakes. I'm not interested in moving to power brakes. What master cylinder should I be looking for? I was looking at one from a Ford Ranger because it had an aluminum body, but it's turned out to be hard to find.
  3. For the one out of the mustang that has one less clutch and steel. The post two above mine doesn't mention anything about the year model truck with the 4.2L that has the more desirable transmission. Thanks though.
  4. What year model? I'm about to start looking to put parts together for this swap from my C4.
  5. Ok, I'll be the little devil guy on your other shoulder whispering, "psst, go lower." LOL Car looks really nice as it sits now though.
  6. That front clip looks very clean. I have a love/hate relationship with my plan to tear mine down like this.
  7. I've always drag raced and it is really hard for me to move away from the big/little tire combo when I buy my next set. With that said, seeing the 17s and 18s on our cars makes it really hard not to go with a set of those... decisions, decisions. ;)
  8. I agree with Barnett. I'd lower it another inch in the back. I'm running a 275/60/15 that is about 27 inches tall. I don't have a picture that is as good a profile as you have, but you can see how the top of the tire tucks on mine.
  9. I agree with this. I have 15" wheels on mine still (in the process of deciding on a new set) and they are in the well a bit.
  10. I'd like a quote also if you get a chance Ridge Runner. sanelson408@sbcglobal.net
  11. How did to his turn out? I'm about to start saving and buying in pieces so any info would help. I was going to go the 18x10/18x9 route. I have stock front disk/rear drum right now. I'm planning on running a 315/30/18 MT drag radial. On the back, and I'm not really worried about that. The front is where I'm a little worried. My '69 sits pretty low.
  12. BuckeyeDemon, I don't suppose you would know what page of your build thread your tach mount can be found on? (or if you'd just post them in this thread) I've been following your build so I know how long that thread is. (and I'm lazy)
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