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  1. That 3M film looks like the way to go..All the crap I seam to find around here on the roads, I'm sure it will help...Thanks Buckeye
  2. Yes...I'm not a body guy so I can't say for sure how important that measurement would be...Good luck..BTW it's looking good.
  3. With a flashlight in my mouth in my unheated garage (10 deg ) I have the following..Left side.20 5/8..right.20 3/4..You would have to subtract for the gas tank flange..16th I think..hope this helps.
  4. My eyes are not that good anymore but, It looked like 1400 to me..(lol) With .64od, 3.70 gears, 255/60/15 (27.1 tall) tires..Ballpark, what should it be turning @ 70 mph. ?
  5. Not sure how a 5sd will work with 2.79s, but my TKO with 3.70s turns about 1400 rpms @ 70 mph. Like SM69 said ( so much more fun )
  6. If its the 3 hole tab that I'm thinking of you shouldn't need it..I did a lot of searching on it and couldn't find anything that would attach to it, but that doesn't mean I'm right....I used mine to attach the reservoir for the hydro clutch...
  7. Same thing happened to me after S.B and paint, spray the pivot points with lube ( I used WD-40 ) and it loosen right up..
  8. Looks like one of the parts for the Distributor Modulator..Have no idea what it does, mine had it I removed all but the switch that goes in the door jam just to fill the hole..
  9. I'm not sure if mine is original or not, it came with the car (30 yrs ago) But thats the way mine fits also..
  10. The past week added 2" lowering blocks, had to do something about the 4x4 look. The front is next..Rock on....TZ
  11. Ok this is what I tried. checked fuse ok, AM radio, backup lights work. turned on switch, Arms rotate with full range of motion, turn switch off arms stopped at about 12:00, wiggled switch, nothing. So when I take the cowl off I'll check over/ replace the Motor....Thanks for the input...TZ
  12. Ok..even with the Engine running the arms don't return down. Does anyone know where to start ?.Replace the Switch, the Motor, both ?. I can live with it the way it is, but would like it working right.....Thanks...TZ
  13. Thanks Guillaume69..Not sure if it matters or not, I had the key in ACC when I turned it on and off..Will try again later today with engine running....TZ
  14. First the ?..When you turn your wiper motor off, should the arms return to the down position or just stop where they are at ?.. Now for what happened today. Just got the car back from painter ( he had to touch up a few things ) I had him paint the wiper arms, so I put them back on. When I turned the motor on... Can anyone guess where this is going? They went down across the window trim ( trim is painted ) and stopped on the cowl just short of the hood and yes It did leave some nice scratches. I didn't take any pics because I was so POFF at my self I couldn't even think, I even did more damage then good getting them back off....Oh well, time to call the painter again..Thanks for listening I feel somewhat better now....TZ
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