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  1. I went with a stock style with mild upgrades and could not be happier. Talk to John at OpenTracker. I did roller spring perches, roller idler arm, lowered upper control arms and put 620# springs in front and mid-eye leafs in rear. It drives better than when it was new. I keep stock appearance, get better performance, and saved a lot of money. I also did a CSRP Disc brake upgrade on my original spindles. https://opentrackerracing.com/ http://www.discbrakeswap.com/
  2. All I know is the seats were not conducive to extra curricular activity.
  3. Fixed my passenger side sport mirror. Watched a video from West Coast Classic Cougar and tightened it up so it stays put when I drive before I put new mirror glass on it. Installed new medallions on the sides. Just ordered an original 69 C9Z AM Philco radio, It did not have knobs but I think I have some. Yelling at 16 year old me for losing that original radio.
  4. Great tip, I think we have a huge box of those clips. I need to replace the front glass and probably should replace rear glass seal.
  5. I recently tore my original headliner. When I touched it the thread was dry rotter and it split at the first seam. Now I have old foam padding falling on me. I probably need to get new sail panels too. I have the Dark Red interior so I need that color. What should I do about the insulation? Is this the time to replace the package tray, seat belts, etc? My windshield also has a lot of pitting. One thing leads to another.
  6. Where would I get a spring? It seems that the right size and set for compression is essential here.
  7. Thanks, That looks like the bar goes through the spring and compresses the spring when pulled. My bar is bare there and has no spring on it. I don't know if I can get a new spring on it if I even had one. It looks like the bar may have been rewelded back on after breaking at some point. May have been when it was stored at my dad's house.
  8. I don't think there is a spring. I can't find mention of one or a part for sale. Can anyone give me a good picture of what it is supposed to look like?
  9. Says this is for Corvette but looks like the pattern on my stock black ones. https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/product/3Panel_Webbing.html
  10. My 1969 Mustang parking brake / emergency brake release mechanism that is attached to the pedal is not working properly. When I pull the handle the pedal flies forward like it was shot out of a cannon and the brake releases but the handle does not return to the “in” position it just stays pulled out. If you push on the pedal while the handle is out the teeth do not engage and the brake won’t lock. I have to manually push the handle back in to get it to work the next time. Can anyone share what I need to do here? I con’t find anything that shows a spring for the handle return. Could it just be gummed up and needs a cleaning and lubrication?
  11. Thanks, I think I found a source for the 3 band webbing that matches the original style. I’m going to ask for a smaple color swatch and see how it looks. Strange being excited about seat belts.
  12. Did any 69 Mustangs come with color matching seat belts? I have a standard interior in Dark Red (Maroon), I need to replace the webbing and was thinking of using maroon webbing because it will blend in with the interior better. Anyone have a source for webbing they like? I think I can reuse my existing hardware.
  13. Looks like 2 rows deep. 21" wide by 3.5" thick 34 sets of fins across the front I have not used a thermometer on it but it get 3/4 on the temp scale. I recently installed a new sender unit.
  14. I addressed the ignition issues and it seems to run stronger and cooler now. If I replace the radiator what should I use? My car was a non AC car from the factory but had dealer added AC. I imagine I should get an AC radiator now. I don't like the silver showing through the grill of an aluminum radiator but I guess the condensor. I need to replace most of that stuff too. Too much to work on and too little money
  15. Thanks @Rsanter you listed the real impacts of switching over. I think I'll hold off until I do a motor swap to change over the water pump. I can look into the cross over tube if I want a new radiator.
  16. I have a 6 blade fan part number 1617 $45 shipped in US https://www.cjponyparts.com/cj-classics-engine-fan-blade-6-blade-17-v8/p/FAN12/ Pertronix 1281DV Dual Point Vacuum advance $55 shipped in U.S. https://pertronix.com/pertronix-1281dv-ignitor-ford-8-cyl-dual-point-with-vacuum-advance.html#.XSlGcuhKi00
  17. Finally installed Pertronix ignition and flamethrower coil. I bought it years ago but never installed it. Went to put it in and I had the wrong model so I ordered from Advance and drove to pick it up. started up first try. My car starts better, runs smoother, It doesn't run rich anymore (I think my points went out of adjustment after 50 miles) and I can't believe I didn't do this earlier. On my F150 I changed out the rear diff fluid and the 4x4 transfer case fluid. I wouldn't think it would make a difference but I'm getting better gas mileage now. Diff fluid was not cloudy but who knows.
  18. here is the video for 69 glue-in glass.
  19. I live in Texas and this car has always run hot. I've owned it since the 80s. I already flushed everything, installed a new LH water pump and tested the thermostat. I assume the root cause is the vertical hose orientation on the radiator that uses only about 30% for cooling the hot coolant. I would love to replace the engine with a roller 351W in the next 5 years. Until then I thought I might replace the original radiator with a cross flow and put a RH water pump on the 69 block. Getting the right radiator to support the 351 would save me that expense later. Is that possible to get a RH water pump on there or do I need to use a cross over for the lower hose? I read that the cross flow design was implemented in 1969. My car was built in Jan 1969 so it must have been before the change. Anyone know when the change was made?
  20. That is the one I used for my 302. I got my intake back from media blasting without it. Expensive part to go missing.
  21. I might have extra I can send you. I did mine and had a ton left over.
  22. where do you buy the Daniel Carpenter?
  23. Like the title says. I have 50 year old weather stripping I think is letting exhaust in the trunk and water in the windows. Is this any good? https://a7387.cartserver.com/store/shopcart.aspx
  24. Thanks for the reminder on the neutral safety switch. That was it. I shifted to drive and back to park before I tried to start it and it cranked. I think one of my kids may have played with the shiftier when I let them sit in the car.
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