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  1. As many of you know I got my car driving again recently and I think that my alternator is not charging the battery. I guess tha car can run without the alternator if tha battery is providing enough juice? I'm leaning on just replacing the whole thing vs a rebuild. What are the brands to get or avoid? I read that I should get a new voltage regulator at the same time. Anything to get or avoid here?
  2. TexasEd

    Lower Radiator hose spring

    Looks great. I think the hose I bought last year came with a spring but that is a good solution.
  3. Went to my first car show today. Had to get a jump to leave and confirmed that my alternator is dead. Now to decide to rebuild or replace. I don't think it is the original case. It says Motorcraft on it. Where is the best place to get one?
  4. TexasEd

    Brake suggestions

    My wife complained about the manual brakes and she just drove it with the power brakes and didn't mention it. It is a big difference.
  5. Alignment and new points, condenser and ignition wires! Drives great now. The drive up was a little scary. I had done a shade tree alignment but didn't really torque down the Lower control arms well enough and the passenger side cam slipped when I hit a pothole. I thought I was going to go in the ditch. Drive home was so much fun.
  6. I think mine are on the wrong side. Both are running towards the rear of the car. I tried to slide them off but they are on there firm. Do they slide up or another direction?
  7. TexasEd

    69 Fastback medallions

    On that side yes, you can see the pins in the picture if you look closely. I don't want to assume the pins are under the other one until I pull the medallion off.
  8. TexasEd

    69 Fastback medallions

    I got the passenger side off with a wood block. Big mistake. Back side is rusted out, painter put them on with double sided tape and it left a huge dried out paint and rusty mess. Looked like a piece of cardboard was between the glass and back to create a tight fit.
  9. TexasEd

    Brake suggestions

    I installed the CSRP 4 cylinder power kit on my original spindles. If I can do it anyone can. It would definitely be easier with the engine out but I did mine with it in.
  10. TexasEd

    69 Fastback medallions

    My family has owned this car since 86 (See my avatar pic). I think it was a painter that put them on backwards. I'll try the wood block trick, thanks.
  11. I read somewhere that the inner diameter of some Magnum 500 were the same for 14" and 15" wheels. I've got original 14" steel wheels with hubcaps I'm going to replace and they rub my new CSRP disc brake upgrade hard line. I'm looking at the Coker tire Specialty wheels in 15x8 all around. Thanks
  12. TexasEd

    Flooding in Strathmore

    Hope everyone is safe, RR
  13. Washed it for the first time in 7 years. :)
  14. TexasEd

    1969 GT Sportsroof

    Was searching for something on insurance and came accross this grat thread again and read about the crash restoration again (3rd time maybe?). Thought I would ping it and see if Guillaume gives us anymore updates.
  15. This is the story of my reunion with my first car I had when I was 15 and was built in the year I was born. Some of this might be on the forum in other threads but I wanted to have a single thread to cover the story from the beginning. In the late 1970's the original owner, who was in his late 60's, lived across the street from me in San Antonio. I was in elementary school and I used to help him wash it on the weekends. My parents divorced before I got to 6th grade but my dad stayed in the old house and my brothers and I came to visit on the weekends. I still helped the guy with his car when he needed it and I think this involvement played a part in what was to happen later. My stepfather was in the Air Force and we moved overseas to Scotland before High School. I was planning to move back to Texas for sophomore year due to teacher strikes when my dad came to visit in Scotland. I was 15 and would be 16 when school started so we talked about taking driver's ed and he asked what kind of car I would like to drive when I got back. I said, "One like the Mustang our neighbor has." When I got back I found out my dad had already bought it. The car was my dad's and I just got to drive it but I did all the work on it because my dad did not have patience or very much mechanical ability. I drove it through most of high school except 11th grade when I went back to Scotland and during the summers in college. I did not want to take it to school. My dad sold it to my brother in 2005 and towed it out of Mississippi before Hurricane Katrina hit. I had just gotten married and was in the process of buying a new house at the time. It sat in my brother's driveway in Virginia with no protection except a car cover for 6 years. One day I was watching a show with my wife and pointed out that I had a 69 Mustang in high school, she said maybe you can get another one some day. I told her maybe I could get the same one, and she raised her eyebrow. I worked out the financial deal with my brother and got in on the truck to haul it back to Texas right around my birthday. It is a 1969 Mustang Fastback that is almost original. It's 302 2bbl. The only mods are that it has dual exhaust on the original manifolds, the interior was replaced around 1985. It has a dealer installed Mark IV Custom AC system that goes under the dash and power steering as the main options. Here is the car in 1986: In my brother's driveway in June 2011
  16. Thanks, I like your avatar. I need to get me a Terlingua Racing sticker
  17. This is what you do when the old wheels don't fit over your new brakes
  18. Center caps still on the way
  19. Right now it is just 4 tiress strapped together. They are black with white letters. Looking at pics today to decide RWL in or out. I lean towards out most of the time but sometimes this generation of car looks better with them out. I'll post pics when I have the wheels.
  20. TexasEd

    Remote Mirror for 69 Mustang

    is your current driver sport mirror remote?
  21. Tires are here! Wheels should be this weekend. I like that I can take them to the Discount tire without the car to get them mounted and balanced since the car need alignment, license and insurance still. I'll take old wheels to get tires off and disposed of.
  22. @1969_Mach1 Ended up ordering the wheels from Summit. They beat out CJPony price and delivery. The tires were ordered from Discount Tire Direct. CJPony did have best price on center caps and lug nuts though.
  23. I finally placed my order for new wheels and tires. I ordered Specialty Magnum 500 from Summit with 235/60 on 15x7 for the front and 245/60 on 15x8 for the rear. I orignally wanted to go 15x8 all around but a combination of hearing there could be fit issues with 15x8 on the front and that it just looks better staggered got me to this point. I'm getting Cooper Cobras from Discount Tire Direct. This will probably blow my car budget for 2019 and since it is ready to drive other than wheels and tires I am pretty excited.