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  1. Painless 60510 Harness - Ford 1986 - 1995 5.0L Fuel Injection Wiring Harness - Std. Length We were going to utilize this harness and an EEC-IV ECU for the injection on the 1969 but decided to go a different direction so this harness is up for sale. Harness has never been out of the box. Price is $450 and buyer pays shipping. These are running right at $515 new right now plus tax and shipping.
  2. I am usually in the Oklahoma City area once a month so if someone is local there I meet you and skip the shipping costs.
  3. I have a brand new in the box Painles Wiring harness for the 5.0L Ford 86-93 that comes with an A9L EEC. The A9L is 100% stock and still has the tamper tape on the service port where a programmer or chip would be installed. I put this on my 93 5.0L Coupe and the car fired and ran fine. I was going to covert my 83 T-Bird over to fuel injection but have since changed my mind and just had the carb reworked from a street/drag setup to a road race setup and am very pleased with the results. It is $600 for the pair plus shipping to any of the lower 48 states via USPS or UPS and I am not willing to separate.
  4. This flywheel has never been installed and by the markings on it the manufacture date was 10/2004. It was bought with a 331 stroker package and was not utilized with the drive train combination. It is still in the box it came in and has all the paperwork. Price is $300 and buyer pays shipping.
  5. I bought this distributor thinking I would modify it to work with a Vic Jr intake and then thougth better of it. I checked a few sites and they are running right at $265 new and the bronze gear is running right at $45. The bronze gear is installed and the original iron gear will go with it in the box loose. $200 shipped ground to the lower 48. http://www.msdignition.com/Products/Distributors/Ford/Street/Strip/8584_-_Ford_V8_351W_Billet_Distributor.aspx I cannot find the spring and bushing kit for it but they are around $15 and the part number is 8464. It has the original springs (heavy silver) and advance stop bushing (Blue 21 degree) still installed. Which ones you will need for your build can be figured out in the manual on MSD's website. Darren
  6. Backspacing and offset will vary from car to car due to a number of things that are no longer stock on the car that would have altered the track width of the front and rear of the car. If you already have wheels on the car then you can easily measure the backspacing and rim width and plug those numbers into this site and get you the offset you currently have. From there you can play with rim widths and offsets to see what will most likely fit your car. http://www.rimsntires.com/specs.jsp This is another calculator but it only does one wheel at a time: http://www.mrw-wheels.com/wheel%20tech/offset%20chart.html One thing to note is that the 94-04 Mustangs favor one set of offsets while the 05-12 Mustangs favor another set of offsets. Here is a good site with lots of OE wheel selection from these years. 1974 - 2004 http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/SubCat.asp?CatKey=74-01&SubCategory=Wheels&category=Wheels+%26+Brakes&KeyWords=LST15&grid=N 2005 - 2012 http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/SubCat.asp?CatKey=LLMUSTANG&SubCategory=Wheels&category=Wheels+%26+Brakes&KeyWords=LST15&grid=N They are reasonably priced as far as I can tell. I literally just bought 17"x8" 30mm offset and 17"x9" 45mm offset chrome Bullitts for my 93 Coupe a couple of days ago and the service was great and the shipping was free. Darren
  7. I bought this flywheel with a 331 stroker package and did not realize that it would not work with the Fox Mustang clutches (10.4"). I found several sites selling them in the $310 range including eBay. This flywheel has never been installed and by the markings on it the manufacture date was 10/2004. Here is the link to it on Summit: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/CTF-700220/ I can ship it anywhere in the lower 48 for $225 of by some miracle someone is local to Houston it's $200 and I can meet you. I take PayPal or cash. Thanks, Darren
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