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  1. Without a doubt, your solution to better ride quality is a front coil-over setup. Coil springs can't compare with the adjustability, and spring rate selection, of a coil-over setup.
  2. Powershift

    2015 Mustang

    LOL Has nothing to do with SMOG laws. Come on, man!! LOL
  3. Many OEM setups use two sensors, with a factory H-pipe. So, that logic doesn't work.
  4. My Mach, with 17" Vintage Wheel Works is great about helping you figure out back spacing too. http://www.vintagewheelworks.com/products/wheels V48 wheels, in 17X8 front, and 17X9 rear. 285/40 rear tires, 255/40 front, Nitto 555.
  5. Great pictures! Looks like it could have been a show here in the US. Great looking '69 too!!
  6. Did you get the base for it too? Or, just the lid? Looks similar in size to what was used (or rather, what would fit) on Sunbeam Tigers.
  7. I have some 40 series I just pulled off my Mach 1. I'll go $100 plus shipping. http://www.1969stang.com/mustang/forum/showthread.php?t=16494
  8. You can always try calling Maier Racing. While they don't do tuning, they are road racers, and probable know of good shops in the area. http://www.maierracing.com/
  9. Awwww man. I saw the thread title, and was hoping it was for a tracked vehicle type of tank. LOL I haven't heard of any cases of really needing this item. Yea, it seems like a good idea, but, is it really a safety issue? I'm not so sure.
  10. Looks like a non A/C Radiator, to me. Clearly, those lower mounts are for the larger Radiator, which needs those brackets.
  11. NICE! I just "liked" the page.
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