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  1. Thanks Kris. Guess I should have put my glasses on. Didn't notice the prongs underneath the other ones. Got it now.
  2. Found a used one for $65 plus shipping. I have a B&M starshifter laying around from anouther car. installed it today, shifts great. Cost me nothing. One question, what is the proper way to install the neutral start wires. B&M instructions are a bit unclear ( universal Fit). I have four wires in my stock plug, and one slip on wire fitting on the B&M switch. Anyone out here do this swap?
  3. Any one know where l can get a linkage?
  4. Will a FMX shifter linkage arm work on a c-4? If not all I see out there are 67-68 c-4 shift linkage arms will those work on a 69?
  5. Swaped out the old FMX for a C-4. Having trouble with the shift pattern. Do I need to modify my fmx lingage to work on the C-4? I read somewhere you have to drill a new hole in the shifter bracket. Also I need to know where the bracket on the tranny should face, up, down, it rotates 360 degrees when loose. There is a vacume fitting towards the bottom of the tranny, where should the hose run to? And finally anyone hooked up a kickdown cable? I have a quick flow carb and have to use a cable. Got the cable no directions though. Thanks.
  6. Sounds like it's afterfire. I have headers and 2 1/2 exhaust. I was running sidepipes but it was too loud. So I put a short lenth of pipe after the glasspacks and added a couple supertrap mufflers as a guick fix. Could that cause the problem?
  7. New 351W, edellbrock performer rpm heads, cam and manafold, quick fuel carb. I adjusted the valves when engine was warm. Idles well but backfires out the exhaust when acellerating and coasting. not a harsh backfire but it is backfiring. but not all the time. Have not messed with the carb. Have tried different settings with the timing. Same result. I am going to look for any loose bolts. Does it sound like I need to reset the valves again? I am running premium fuel. Header bolts were a little loose, but nothing else.
  8. Used type FA, top works great now thanks!
  9. Classic Cragar S/S Also like the American racing sprints, had them on my coupe.
  10. Sticker on the fluid tank says to use type A ATF. Wen't down to the parts store and there is no type A. Of course my car is older than all the parts guys, so they were no help. What should I use?
  11. Thanks, I found the plug and a sticker that says to use type A tranny fluid.
  12. Just installed my power top frame. I can hear the motor work, but the top does'nt move. I think I need to add oil (some was lost on removal) and bleed the system. What is the correct way to do this and what kind of oil to I use? It is a 69. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, figured out where they bolt on to the cowl. I seem to have misplaced my wiring to pump, I will keep looking.
  14. Need a little help with the wiper squrters. Anyone have a picture with the cowl off, so I can see where the squrters are located? I also can't seem to locate the wiring to the bottle. I dont see it on the wiring loom. Thanks.
  15. So true. And with electrical, prayers are sometimes needed.
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