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  1. If you go new, you cant go wrong with the Alloy Metal Harness. And don't forget, there's a difference in harnesses depending if your car is with or without tach. I believe even the alternator harness is different as well based on with or without tach.
  2. I could not agree more. I realize its a revenue stream that's necessary but................... you got to be careful not to overwhelm the visitor. It P*sses me off how this crap taxes my computer on the net
  3. I would look into the Thoroughbred floor pan assemblies before you pull the trigger on a Dynacorn.
  4. There's a lot of truth to this and we have all been there at some point and time. It's easy to let yourself get distracted or alter the initial "plan". Rest assured, what ever time table you estimated to complete the job at hand will "always" take longer. You will ether encounter something that also truly needs fixed or you start thinking "well....... since we already have it out, might as well replace............" . It will get you every time if you allow it. Remember, its a hobby (or illness in my case)
  5. Who doesn't love the 351C. Its a fun motor to work with and you can make some wicked power with just stock parts. I actually have 4 or 5 351C tucked away in my garage. I'm finishing up a 408C that Tim Meyer helped me with. I used his stroker kit along with a BT intake, roller cam, and a set of CHI heads. I cant wait to get it finished and drop down in my 68FB to see how she puts around. I love to play with motors. I really want to build a 351 Hemi some day. For no other reason than "just because". If you look at my avatar, its a 351 Hemi built by Nick Arias jr.
  6. I like it !. Nice fixture Ridge. I especially like the set up at the hood hinge sections. The whole fixture is well thought out
  7. Can you explain this so I can better understand?
  8. Many places sell the boss 429 scoop replica and I'm sure they all differ in some way. My brother bought one for his 69 that has a lower height than the normal boss scoop. For me, its an acquired taste. I don't care for it myself but it fits the Boss 429 personality. I always thought it looked like an after thought as if someone cut the handle off an old coal shovel.
  9. SPI epoxy primer and you're done with it till your ready to work on it.
  10. My $0.02 If your keeping the car, buying a set of good quality "Eaton" leaf springs is money well spent.
  11. Exactly what I had done. The knob will unscrew from the shaft with some effort.
  12. I had a great Christmas ! Santa brought me this under hood light http://www.amazon.com/ATD-Tools-80050-Underhood-Light/dp/B002J8RTF0
  13. Your original can be rebuilt. It's a little more involved than you might think. I would suggest using Dan at Chockostang or Roger Rodes at Rodes Restorations. I have used them both http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/discbrakepowersteering/steeringboxs.html Rodes restoration 1406 Lohr Rd, Galion, OH 44833 Phone:(419) 468-5182
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