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  1. danno, The wires going to the solenoid start from the main harness/firewall, run along the left apron and up to the lights, it then crosses over to the right light then back to the soleniod. I forget, but I think the green and yelllow wires hanging down near the throttle are for the Tach. Also, did you notice the 1 1/2" stripped wire on the top of the main harness bundle , coming out of the firewall. Whats that?
  2. Here is a picture of the main harness. If you look close at the top row 3rd wire over to the left, it is cut off. Would anyone know what it went to. Here is a picture taken near the throttle cable. Can someone identify those wires. The green and yellow are open at the end. Could one be for the tach? Thanks again for all of your time!!!
  3. I was able to get some pictures today. Can someone identify the wires. I'm also looking for the wire that was cut off that went to the volt reg. Could it be this single wire hanging? It's coming from the bundle going to the solenoid.
  4. RacerX, Great web page. Tons & tons of info. Thanks so much!!!
  5. 69gmachine, Thank you for the reply! Would you happen to have a copy of the engine bay wire diagram? This will be a cruiser vehicle, not many gadgets, so I think going stock will be fine. At the monment there aren't many wires in the engine bay. The vehicle is at another location, so it'll be a few days untill I can get over there. I'll take a few pics to keep my memory fresh. I'll check the Ford shop manual to see what your talking about. I'll get back to this post after I get some pics. Thanks!
  6. RacerX, Thank for the reply. Yes, in the engine compartment I might need to start from scratch, but all of the other wiring is in place. As for the 289. It's a 68, good head, cam etc.. That's what came with the deal, I'll be using it while I get things together. Can't afford anything else at the time. I still need to do bodywork, paint, wheels and interior. I did pick up a Chiltons and I just got from ebay Ford Shop Manuals 1,2 & 3. If you happen to have a copy of either, drop me a note telling what page of interest. Electrical wiring is a little foreign to me, always has been. If I could somehow get pointed in the right direction, I can then pick up the pieces. That other tech article. If you find it, please drop it off. Thanks so much. John
  7. Unfortunately the alt was not included. Were does the volt reg wires run. From the fire wall beneath the master cyl or do they come from somewhere else??????? Maybe with someones help, I can trace the beginning of that wire and cap it off. Do I need that branch to go to the solenoid????? It's been a while, but the pwr from the key goes to the soleniod then from there to the coil, then to the distrib ??????? Also form the solenoid wire goes to the alt and starter. The 1 plug alt setup wires comes form the solenoid ?????
  8. If anyone was going to convert to an internal alt from external, how would they go about doing it. I ask this, because if I can't follow what the previous PO did (a hack job) then maybe I can redue his if any mistakes and know that the job is right. Does the voltage reg have anything to do with the Mallory Elecrtronic distributor. Sould I go back to external. What are the benifits if any on either setup?
  9. Thanks, Mach1Rider. I do not see on mine or in the box the clip in wire to the volt reg. Would that indicate a Volt reg. bypass. Would I then have to buy an internal reg alt. or do I go back to stock. What amp?
  10. I understand that, but how do I determine that the PO did that. What wire am I looking for. The solenoid is still hanging by 1 bolt on the Pass apron, with wires hanging from it, next to what I believe is a gutter gaurd.(4" black strip of plastic) Do you have any pictures instead of diagrams (they work best for me).
  11. I forgot to ask. Does anyone have a picture of their engine bay less the air cleaner showing the locations of the volt reg, sel and ele wires. Thanks.
  12. I bought my 69 with the drivetrain out and engine wires in a box. The PO had a Autolite Electronic Dist, MSD 6 AL & an Accel Super Coil in the wire box. I'm have the 289 worked on right now and would like to get the charging system ready. I can't find the Volt reg. Isn't it suppose to be bolted to the left apron? Wasn't it needed to run the ignition or did the PO disregard it and bypass it? If I need it, how to wire it. A friend gave me a Mallory electronic dist. Does anyone know how to install this? Do I still use the Accel & MSD or just a coil (Accel). DO I STILL NEED A VOLTAGR REG? If so, how to wire that. Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Cruzzar, Thanks so much for the pictures and explaination. Your car looks great just form that point of view, I can't imagine what it looks like in person. You sure can see the hard work and attention to details. Great Job! I will also check the NPD catalog pics. Thanks to all!
  14. Thanks for the reply, but either of you have this manual and if so can you send me the exploded view of it. Thanks!
  15. I just purchased a 69 and the 289 motor was out along with the cluth linkage. I was given a few boxes of parts, now I have to put the linkage together and need a diagram as well as photos to show exactly what I need. I believe that I'm missing some of the smaller parts, rods etc.. The Chilton manual is very vauge. Can someone please send me pictures and a diagram showing all of the parts to make this set up. Thank You!
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