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  1. I'm using M/t 275/50 15 on 8 inch magnum 500 and my car dead hooks. I need to add more gear to get wheel speed up quicker to get my Cleveland into its powerband.
  2. Garner does look at you out of the corner of his eye when you talk about modifying a mustang, especialy a collectable. He even shakes his head about my 70 Coupe..lol
  3. I'm playing around with the dupli-color peelable rattle can paint, the matte black looks really good on rearbody panel. (car will be stripped to bare metal when painted). I want to put a stripe or black out panel on hood. Im bored with Mach one, Boss 302, and 69 black out hood. My thought is to use the vent width on cowl panel with rounded back edge. with1/4 inch outline strip leaving approx 1/2-3/4 inch of body color at lower windshield moulding. If i don't like it peel it off. Any body have any ideas or better yet photos?
  4. What is every one doing to polish or clean up the tail lamp lenses on their cars. I've got my 70's apart repainting and replacing gasket and would like to polish lense up. thanks Bobby
  5. I bought apair of used t/lamps and buckets and inside they appear to be flat white. Is this the best color for reflective power? Looking for guidance! Posted this once before in the last week and it has disappeared????
  6. I have a 351 cleveland in my 70 coupe. Has a 780 holley, rpm airgap, healthy bullet hyd flat tappet cam, closed chamber 4v heads. Car ran a 13.07 at 104mph in 1/4. Using online calculator, it said my car has 300hp
  7. I have a Robbie Mc pump on my cleveland with a 780 3310-1 vac secondary. Pump feeds fine and I run out of camshaft (62-6300) before I run out of fuel. The only problem was that no matter how we clocked the pump it was tight on the oil filter. Had to wind up grinding on the pump for clearance.
  8. I mounted my 6 box in frt of the battery on rt side. I slid the battery tray back slightly and used a plastic license plate to cut shield to keep any water from hitting back side of box and painted it engine compartment color. Only thing visible is the top of box.
  9. Because I've been doing bondo work on my car in the shop and I sweep up every night that I work there. Jeff, Jeffreys dad is good about sweeping and mopping when he creates a mess on one of his cars and Bob who will be making the headers cleans up every time he does any welding or fabricating. Now Jeffrey who does most of the chassis and turbo work is another story!
  10. This car just came into shop where I"m getting my rear body panel and patch panels installed in my 1/4's. Coleman's Super Torino. Coleman & Taylor transmission. Their other funny car was the Super Cuda Bob who is a fabricator and welded in my panels is going to build the headers for car and mount for the fuel tank. Car has original body and chassis. Car has a blown 427 cammer motor. I was told that this was the 1st funny car to run 200mph.
  11. Has anyone bought bezels from any suppliers that they were happy with finish and fit to rear body panel.
  12. Finally got rear body panel in car and it is a little warped on rt side at t/lamp opening. My lamp bezel on rt side has a chip in top edge and appears to have been repaired on one of the stud areas and may have a slight warp. Sooo...... Who carries the best fitting tail lamp bezel for my 70 coupe? I'm probably going to powder coat them satin black as I intend to black out the rear body panel. I'm not opposed to used bezels if someone has a decent straight set. Thanks Bobby
  13. I've already got a Dynamic Racing built c-4 rollerized, with hardened input shaft, good clutchs, and internal mods to drum and oiling passages. TCT 9.5 inch 3000 converter. Car has long tube headers. Too much invested
  14. My 1st post states I used Wallace calculator, I know the math works. I'm looking to see if anyone has used a tall tire on their mustang and were ther clearance issues
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