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  1. Way cool, great find !! I see also that my modded bracket I did for the Vac-Sec Summit carb would not work on the DP Holley. Must have that narrower bracket on the RH side that the JAK Bracket has to clear the DP linkage. Doug
  2. A 1" thick spacer is too high with my intake & ram-air set up. Read my post from June 12, 2021 ... 1/4" thick spacer is the max I can use. Thanks, Doug
  3. I figured it probably was, but had never seen one out in the wild other than that drawing back at that time. I think mine actually looks better in that all 4 holes are symmetrical !! Doug
  4. Well, I decided to make a new PCV Tube that put it right behind the carb where it is supposed to be. Found a black plastic dual 3/8" tube support bracket in my misc. plastic parts box and that set me off in this new direction. Could not find a 3/8" tube to 1/2" hose barb 90Deg elbow, so I just used an elbow to 1/4" male pipe instead. Drilled I.D. of pipe thread end to match I.D. of 3/8" tube and used some black RTV on the threads so the hose would seal on it ... no one but me knows there is NOT an actual hose barb there !! Doug
  5. Here is how I did mine back in the 80's before I'd ever seen dimensions ... or an actual Ford cut out on a '68-69 Mustang. Got the idea from the 1969 Fairlane/Torino Hood and related parts drawing in my Mustang Illustrations Catalog ... pdf of this is also below. Doug HOOD & RELATED 1969-70.pdf
  6. NPD shows the '70 System: 5210-29: use with turn downs 5210-27A: use with Mach 1 Tips There is also the concours correct option, but you need to buy all the pieces separate. Doug
  7. We are getting a bit off track as far as the thread "subject" goes but ... The only way factory dual exhaust came on '67-69 Mustangs & Shelbys was with the dual resonators and the transverse muffler. It was the same system dimensionally for all 3 years but there are two different systems: 2" for 289, 302, 351W & 390 2-1/4" for 428, Boss 302, & Boss 429 Interestingly, the small block H-Pipes are all 2-1/4" and will bolt right up to the 2-1/4" system which is what I have behind my 351W. Why the 390 Big Block got the small 2" system is a mystery. In 1970, all Mustangs with dual exhaust went to the more common and simpler dual muffler set up in front of the axle and all were 2-1/4". If you have a '67-69 and want the more normal dual muffler set up, then you just order 1970 exhaust and obviously there is no issue with the center exit fuel sender wiring. Doug
  8. As aslanfe stated above ... All single exhaust cars had the fuel sender wire exit the trunk floor in the middle right by the sender. All dual exhaust cars had the fuel sender wire exit in the passenger side drop off due to the transverse mounted muffler. Info & pics of the dual exhaust version is here: Dual Exhaust Fuel Sending Unit Extension Wire Harness - Dead Nuts On My car was originally single exhaust, but I added the factory transverse muffler dual exhaust system to it back in the 80's when it was first reproduced. Pics below show the issue and how I made it work ... back then, I just assumed this is what Ford did on the dual exhaust cars. I did buy a new Alloy Metal Products taillight harness with the Convenience Group from NPD last year and it only comes in the Dual Exhaust version. Have yet to swap it in but when I do, I'll do it right and drill the hole in the drop off and put a rubber body plug in the old single exhaust wiring hole. Doug
  9. Ethanol Free 91 is still available around me (separate HOSE even at my local station), so that is all I run and thankfully Ethanol is not a concern for me. I've also thought about EFI, but way too much stuff to modify or change which makes it even more difficult to try to maintain my desired "stock look". Plus the tuning aspect of it scares me. When the engine was built in 1987, I originally ran a stock Autolite 4300 carb and swear it got better MPG's then. I switched to the Holley 600 CFM Double Pumper within a year or so and ran that for 32 years. It has 30 over TRW Forged Pistons (about 9.5 CR), a Crower 280HDP street/strip cam in it that gives it a nice & healthy sounding idle, and behind it is a Wide Ratio Toploader 4 Speed and 3.50:1 T-Lok 9". When adjusting the idle screws / setting the idle on this Summit carb, I could not get the vacuum into the "normal" range no matter what I did ... as if there was a big vacuum leak somewhere. I don't remember if this was the same with the Holley and at the time I did nor feel like swapping it back on to find out. During all my tests to try and find this vacuum leak, I stuffed a rag into the top of the secondaries at idle and this will snub it out. So I think there may be an adjustment that may need to be done with the secondary butterflies (unless this is normal). Another reason swapping the Holley back on is even more tempting to see if a rag in it's secondaries will also snub it out !! Other than the 3.50 gears (3000 RPM @ 63 MPH), you would think it could get better MPG's ... at least around town. I always felt that the Holley could use a little tweaking by someone with more carb knowledge than me and obviously now the Summit carb could definitely benefit from an expert's touch. It starts, runs, and drives great "as-is" though, so I've just not had the time or ambition to play around with it any further. Bottom line is this carb is definitely worth the cost & effort to try out on any small block Ford before the big switch to EFI. Doug
  10. Can't believe I'm already on my 3rd summer running this carb. The engine really does run a lot better and smoother with it than it did with the Holley, and I can basically drive it out of the garage cold and the electric choke does it's job allowing me to drive off without letting it warm up a bit. With the Holley (also with electric choke), it was a drama queen ... stumbling & sputtering if I did not let it warm up for a few minutes. This 351W is still getting 8-9 MPG's ... I really thought the Annular Venturi's and Vacuum Secondaries would have made a difference. Doug
  11. Some have said that you really should NOT use the Power Brake vacuum port for the PCV connection, so today I bought a length of 3/8" tubing to see if I could custom bend a line to go under my fuel line to the front PCV port. Well, for a first attempt I think it turned out pretty good ...
  12. IIRC ... 140 MPH Speedometers were only used on 1969 Shelbys, so pretty much the rarest 1969-70 cluster out there. That cluster is probably worth a whole lot more than a Deluxe 120MPH 1970 Tach Cluster. May as well try and find the correct cluster and re-sell that one. Doug
  13. Back in 2015 I was toying with the idea of swapping in a complete ready to bolt-in EPS (electric power steering) system that included a modified Ididit tilt column that would accept the stock 1969 steering wheel. So maybe it has been available for a while !! Doug
  14. YES it's crazy how costs have gone up on most items in the past few years !! Great exhaust tips though. Doug
  15. Here is a picture of the page out of the 1969 Mustang Osborne Electrical Assy showing the hood turn indicator installation, wiring routing, and hardware. As well as 2 pictures of a NOS factory harness currently on ebay that has this rare black plastic retaining clip taped onto the harness. If you have a spare $995 laying around (plus $21.95 shipping) it could be yours !! Not my listing, nor do I have any affiliation with the seller. Doug
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