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  1. If a twist on type, turn it counterclockwise to remove. Scott Drake and likely others offers a kit that adds a locking function to any classic Mustang twist-on gas cap. It is a pin type thing that you need to open the truck to pull the pin back so you can then turn the gas cap. Pretty cool, I just stumbled on it on CJPP this past week ... Scott Drake ACC-9030-LOCK Mustang Gas Cap Lock 1965-1973| CJ Pony Parts ... maybe your car has one of these !! Doug
  2. IIRC ... 1970 only. Clock came std. on all 1969 with woodgrain dash ... aka Deluxe Interior Decor Group. Doug
  3. I still have genuine Ford replacements I bought in 1982 from Circle City Mustang on my Hardtop doors ... paid $17.45 Each !! The short quarter glass ones were NLA at that time so I cleaned up my originals the best I could. In 2005 I bought a full set of PUI from CJPP and replaced my outer quarter glass runs and put the inner door ones on a set of repro Dashes Direct deluxe door panels. The inner quarter felts are still very nice and did not want to try and deal with the staples anyway. The PUI repops are nice, but not a match to the OEM profile which is partially why I did not change out the outer door felts. These 2005 vintage PUI outer door felts measure closer to 1/2" ~ 33/64". Doug
  4. Looks like OE Ford Autolite batteries are again available as a reproduction ... https://turbostart.com/product/s24f/ Pretty pricy for a driver but maybe not to those in the "concours" crowd. Doug
  5. Wow all impressive results guys ... all of you beat me by a long shot as far as actual miles driven & usage. Never had to replace a battery in any of the 5 Mustang daily drivers that I bought new since 1994. I kept them for 4-6 years and drove 100-130k miles. Found a runner up in years, but again beat me as far as miles & usage: A friend bought a 2003 Chevy S10 brand new and he replaced the factory Delco battery around 2018 so he got 15~16 years out of this one. Doug
  6. Back in 2006 Checker Auto Parts was marketing "84 Month Autolite" brand car batteries. Logo on the side of the case had a classic look to it, so I bought one for my '69 Mustang and one for my '67 Fairlane in early December 2006. Sold the Fairlane in 2010, so I don't know how long that battery lasted but the one in my '69 was still cranking strong this summer. Not a ton of miles in the past 17 years but it has always been plugged into the same classic 1.75A Battery Tender year-round. Cleaned up terminals once a year and topped off with distilled water when needed. Well, it was last driven sometime in September~October with no issues and this past weekend it was time to put it to bed for the winter and "no-crank". Cleaned up the terminals, and still no-go. Put it on my bigger charger and got it up to 80%, dropped it back in and it cranked but very slowly. This battery finally gave up the ghost ... I don't think I've ever had a car battery last this long !! I now work at a CarQuest auto parts store so a DieHard Gold replaced it. Never was a huge DieHard fan when it was part of Sears, but it is now just a name owned by Advanced Auto Parts (as is CarQuest) and the batteries are still made in the same factory as the former CarQuest brand batteries were. Doug
  7. The fill plug is on the cast iron removable center section, not the stamped steel axle housing. On the upper left (driver's) side of the center section ... IIRC. YES, factory 302 2BBL cars came with the 8" differential. Doug
  8. When I did my research in 2017 on the EPAS Kit that comes with a modded Ididit column for 1969, I thought there was a 1969 Boss 302 owner that bought and installed this kit. Pretty sure he had a stock steering wheel too. Here is the EPAS kit on stang-aholics site ... even states it works with stock 1969 steering wheels ... https://www.stang-aholics.com/i-26613555-1969-mustang-electric-power-steering-conversion-kit-with-ididit-tilt-column.html Here is the Ididit standard 1969 Tilt Column (non EPAS), it also states it specifically fits the 1969 steering wheel and uses a Ford T/S Switch ... https://www.stang-aholics.com/i-31643324-1969-mustang-ididit-tilt-steering-column-black.html?q=ididit Doug
  9. Terry, I would think the factory Tilt/Tilt-A-Way would be an awesome upgrade and worth $350 more than a new Ididit tilt column. Especially if it is complete, ready to bolt-in and 100% functional. If it needs rebuilding/restoring and/or missing parts, maybe not. Doug
  10. Way cool, great find !! I see also that my modded bracket I did for the Vac-Sec Summit carb would not work on the DP Holley. Must have that narrower bracket on the RH side that the JAK Bracket has to clear the DP linkage. Doug
  11. A 1" thick spacer is too high with my intake & ram-air set up. Read my post from June 12, 2021 ... 1/4" thick spacer is the max I can use. Thanks, Doug
  12. I figured it probably was, but had never seen one out in the wild other than that drawing back at that time. I think mine actually looks better in that all 4 holes are symmetrical !! Doug
  13. Well, I decided to make a new PCV Tube that put it right behind the carb where it is supposed to be. Found a black plastic dual 3/8" tube support bracket in my misc. plastic parts box and that set me off in this new direction. Could not find a 3/8" tube to 1/2" hose barb 90Deg elbow, so I just used an elbow to 1/4" male pipe instead. Drilled I.D. of pipe thread end to match I.D. of 3/8" tube and used some black RTV on the threads so the hose would seal on it ... no one but me knows there is NOT an actual hose barb there !! Doug
  14. Here is how I did mine back in the 80's before I'd ever seen dimensions ... or an actual Ford cut out on a '68-69 Mustang. Got the idea from the 1969 Fairlane/Torino Hood and related parts drawing in my Mustang Illustrations Catalog ... pdf of this is also below. Doug HOOD & RELATED 1969-70.pdf
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