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  1. checked neutral safety switch and it is hooked up, but when it is starting it will start in any position, maybe my problem all along
  2. OK i have checked all grounds, cleaned reattached, checked with volt meter and an getting 12V at S post on solenoid when key is in start position and also getting 12V at post going to starter still nothing, cross over solenoid and starts, i am completely stumped, have tried moving wires around at bulkhead and ignition switch, still nothing, neutral safety switch is not hooked up, will start in any gear, i know it should be hooked up just giving all info i can
  3. one large and one small, what has me confused is it will starte after i drive it for awhile, start like normal for weeks but then one day it wont start again
  4. have 69 with starting trouble, will start for weeks no trouble then one day will go out and won't start, i can jump solenoid and drive car for awhile and when i get home and shut off it will start just fine again, has new ignition switch, starter solenoid and starter was new when i put motor together, i'm thinking it could be in harness it is original, any ideas? by not starting i mean it will not turn over at all, power to everything else but like solenoid is bad but its new
  5. That does look beautiful, I hope I can get mine to look that good, great job
  6. Does anyone know where to buy the woodgrain applique for instrument cluster, I recently purchased a used teak woodgrain clock panel and want to match it up with new instrument cluster, for a 69 model, any help would be appreciated
  7. I recently put a built 351W in my fastback acouple months ago and all was good, drove it yesterday and when I hit it, it was as iff I had my foot on the brake for a few seconds and then it took off, when I let off it sounded as if a turbo was spooling down, and also after this when I parked and restart car its as if, starter doesn't engage the same way, the torque converter is a TCI 2400-2600 stall. had this in the car with a mildly built 302 and never had a problem in over 2 years, trans is a C4 with only mod is shift kit, thanks for any help
  8. Ok i replaced printed ciruit board, the only thing that works is right turn indicator, amp gauge and bright light indicator, no dask lights at al and have replaced all bulbs. Before i changed board the fuel gauge, temp and oil pressure worked on and off but the last month nothing, also put new engine harness and replaced sending units, i'm at a loss
  9. Going to put new printed circuit board in, are they glued in place or do they have tabs to keep in place, thanks for any help.
  10. does anyone have pics of these or like gauges in cluster, and know what size fit, thanks for any help
  11. Can you also check with feeler gauge
  12. putting together a 351W and just got my pushrods in, installed and was setting valve lash and I have a problem, I set lash on all and came back around to check again and I can spin pushrods on a few that I have set. I have a TFS stage 2 hydraulic roller with retro roller lifters and comp gold roller rockers. Set lash to where I couldn't turn push rod than half turn, is there something I'm doing wrong thanks for any help
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