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  1. Yuppers, I would have been under the dash with a drimmel tool. Trying to make the hole bigger, then would have screwed that up, then ripped the dash back apart for the 30th time. etc etc etc. Lots of good information here, FROM the people who have actually done the work, not the one's who "never heard of that problem before." Are the LED's allot brighter? Worth the money? (how much?) bobby and glenda
  2. Ok, just had to say that because..... We just went from non power drums to power disk on the front. Went with the SSBC kit from Summit. One of the problems we had was the brake lights. They worked before the kit, but not after. I was stumped. Checked out the site, found out there are two brake light switches. One for manual brakes and one for power brakes. Just have to search for a 1968 brake light switch. As everything for a 69 did not show a difference. Bought the 68 power switch, installed it in like 5 mins, (only because after so many times apart knew what to do.) AND BINGO, brake lights. Bobby and Glenda
  3. Thank you, we are having a lot of fun with it.:)
  4. Here are some pictures of what it used to look like. With some before and after photos.
  5. Hello all, been lurking for a couple of years now. Some great information on this site. Thought it was about time we post a couple of pics of our project. Bobby and Glenda
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