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  1. Ahhh okay, I've heard alot about the HP Motorsport 3/4 drop mounts but it seems you can't find those anymore. I'll have to look into these ron morris mounts, Any good places to look for quality mounts?
  2. I'm currently building 351w, and I was wondering in any suggestions or guidance on the matter mainly looking for what motor mounts that are good to use, upgrades and suspension. It's a plan for: a street/strip swap from 250 i6 to 351w Trans: TKO600 Rear end I was thinking for a 9" Any more info needed wanted I'll provide, thank you
  3. Wow this is alot of great information.Thank you all. Yes after looking at the intake and heads closer, You are right about the cast numbers. That means I'll have to get new heads to upgrade to a more efficient intake wouldn't it? I'm trying to solve the problem of the 1st and 6th cyl running lean and losing power from that. I'm sure there has to be a way I'll have to try to look at a copy of that issue tho. for sure. As for the transmission case, I'm waiting for the motor to be good and able to run. Great news today tho. I got her cranked over and reving, but I have to adjust the idle so it wont die. Would be easier if the battery wasn't dead. Haha
  4. Yeah, I couldn't really find that conversion kit you were talking about, I've been looking a Clifford performance one tho, They seem to be really good to. It is a 250 but I don't believe so? I mean they are separate I think, when I look at this picture of it:
  5. Alright guys, I'm pretty new here but this is what I have to share to our community. I've recently dove into rebuilding my 69 with 250 Inline 6. I'm new to projects, but I've always wanted one. I've recently just replaced the battery, starter/starter relay, coil, fuel pump, waiting on getting my 1 barrel carb. Just trying to get it to run right now. But my plans so far are dual carb intake. Ignition conversion (I can't stand points ><) Upgrade the transmission. ... Still some more I have yet to figure out. I know 302's and stuff are a lot more popular it seems You guys know anything for this? I'm open to any ideas, what's bad what's good about anything. I'm here to learn. Thanks guys -Nicholas
  6. Ohh yes don't get me wrong. I'm doing it for the love of doing it and learning more and just the experience in doing it myself. I think yes I do want to lean more into racing it, I agree that I'd probably get tired of the straight 6. Thinking about 302 or 351W, Mainly the 351 I think. I'll be keeping the 250 tho if I do a swap, just in case. As of now, I'm trying to get the 250 started, I've replaced the battery, starter, starter relay, coil, fuel pump. I need to replace the carb, and I need to replace the condenser, points, rotor button, spark plugs. I have all the parts besides the carb, I don't know what to put on it? I'm trying to learn how to put in and adjust points gap and dwell as well too. I need to find out what they need to be. I think the gap is .25 Here some pictures for you guys
  7. Good good. I'm glad to hear it, Well my first intentions were to full restore it all factory to try to sell it back for good money. But right now, after realizing the amount of time and dedication it's going to take. I think I really want it for it to be mine, for joyriding, and some race/dragging here and there. Maybe some show's but I like to use the power instead of let it sit, ya know? This is my first project car, probably over my head with it, haha but I think I can pull threw it
  8. Hello guys, I'm new here been looking for a really good Mustang forum. Seeing I just bought one for a project. I got an all original 1969 Mustang 250 Inline 6. I have the question to just try to build the 250 up? or drop a bigger engine into it. Everyone that I've told I have it always ask or say I should drop a 302 in it. But I just wanna know if it's really worth it. And what would the best way going about it. Thanks guys, I hope you can help. I'll post pictures if you want to see what I'm working with Here are pictures [CLICK]
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