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  1. No one can say that your lazy, that's for sure.... This car is a regular Mad Max!
  2. I'm betting that was a day of reward and relief... congratulations!
  3. Man we are all sorry to see this I'm sure...not many people get to drive a labor of love like yours. God Bless.
  4. The local free range mutts have etched the finish with piss on my set. I cant seem to bring back the mirror shine in the affected areas. The center caps are a bit crappy too after about a year. I think I paid 1195. shipped with lugs and it took 4 like weeks, pretty sure I got them from Mr. Wheel Deal but I still have the reciept so I'll check on that. I still think that its the best looking aftermarket wheel available, almost no regrets. I should have got the 17 x 11? for the rear instead of the 17 x 9.5...o well.
  5. Wow......Did you tell him about this site?
  6. I went thru the same process in that my panel (the one that you need)was from a 65. it was an easy modification, only a couple of holes to drill if my memory serves me. I bought the aftermarket chrome trim kit from CJponyparts, and it looks pretty good to me. One trim piece on each side of the panel with the latch holes needed some "massaging" in order to fit and the chrome chipped on mine but its not too bad for me to be upset.
  7. Choosing a paint color would give me fits too, ive never had the chance to paint one yet, but im sure i will agonize over it like crazy. ive been dead set on "black" for a long time for the fastback project, but then when the time comes....
  8. +1.... oops... someone already said that!
  9. Got pics?? I think there is a rubber seal in the quarter extension, is the gap bigger than that?
  10. I did the same thing in a 65 cobra replica. it will shurly not be as valuable when you sell it, but who cares, right? the ls1 is a powerfull and cheap way to go, and the chevy guys will LOVE it! nice project man.
  11. No. We actually had a white Christmas here in Texas and it is still to cold for me to jack with it. I'm not sure which way I will lower it. What do y'all ...or should I say, you's guy's think? Lol
  12. With a smart phone you also have a speedometer. It is way more accurate than my crushed speedo cable and factory speedo.
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