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  1. mach1cj

    Craig from New Zealand

    Understandably so. Hope to see it at the 55th then
  2. mach1cj

    Craig from New Zealand

    We'd love to see it at MustangWeek
  3. mach1cj

    Carlisle Ford Weekend

    Will be there Friday and Saturday, no car though
  4. Love those rims...been thinking about a set for my Mach....but probably out of my budget.
  5. mach1cj

    what's the MPG on your 428CJ?

    If I remember back that far to when mine was running, it got about 9
  6. mach1cj

    Whats your favorite wheel for a Mach 1

    I think it's hard to go wrong with the Torque-thrust style wheel
  7. mach1cj

    Need opinion on wheel choice

    Some pics from a few years back, not my car.
  8. Looks great Rick and Alex. Hope to see it around the 'Burg this summer.
  9. mach1cj

    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Great deal that both boys get to do these cars with you, but you know you're establishing a lifetime rivalry over who's is the fastest / prettiest / coolest / etc... So when does dad get his Mach 1 ?
  10. Hey Rick, ever get the car back from the painters?
  11. Looking good Rick. Will definitely have to keep them in mind when the time comes to paint mine. Found their website and facebook page, they have an affinity for Cougars as well it seems.
  12. I thought it was Rick. Doesn't seem that long ago you worked for the big A. Darel Clark here, work in Fuel Field Service down at Mt Athos
  13. 69 Mach 1 R-Code Red/Red, awaiting full resto/mod work. Still searching for someone to paint it, that's why I asked. Also have an 85 Mustang GT, already fully redone. Don't you work for Areva, or used to?
  14. Been following your build, very nice work. Props to you and your son(s). I'm from the 'Burg too, wondering who you're having do the paint?