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  1. It is definitely the guage studs shorting out. Ask me how I know. Had this problem many years ago and since I have passed this information on to many 69 and 70 owners that state the same concern as yours since then. Bob
  2. Selling a nice pair of 1969 Mustang front bucket seats with headrests. Will need new upholstery and most likely new seat buns . Track hardware is pretty much there but would need some work .Only asking $100 for the pair .Located in eastern Iowa. Please E-Mail me for pics at: bobjanhaverland@aol.com
  3. Still available ...bobjanhaverland@aol.com
  4. Need to clean up my old private messages so folks can PM me . How can this be done?
  5. For info on my 69 Hood Scoop please send me an E-Mail to : bobjanhaverland@aol.com   I am trying to delete stuff so I can be messaged...Having no luck

  6. Drop me an E-Mail at : bobjanhaverland@aol.com
  7. Very early take off, ALL OEM. Great shape! Complete with grill ,turn signals ,Cobra Jet emblems and all the studs intact. Stored for many decades. $ 425......repro wiring availablle for $45. Pics available, just let me know
  8. I have some available Got them bagged I think 2 non tach 69's and I also have 65, 66 and several 68's Contact me at : bobjanhaverland@aol.com
  9. One pair available with stock headrests.....Will need new upholstery and most likely seat buns........ Black now ....frames are not in bad shape at all.......tracks included....... $150 for the pair.... NO SHIPPING.... located in eastern Iowa
  10. I have a pair of stock low back 1969 seats available. They will need complete foam and reupholstering.In eastern Iowa. Very reasonably priced
  11. I take it that there is no price that is is FREE
  12. Why are all the good deals so far from me? Good Luck
  13. Wanted 69-70 (67-70 actually are the same ) 28 spline rear axle.Left rear side (shorter of the two) Must be in great condition. Let me know what you have.Price with shipping to 52003
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