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  1. on my rebuilt stock 390 I have a petronix 1 with a flame thrower coil and I am gaping the plugs at 040 it runs fine, but not sure if gap is correct? Also I have been using the highest octane gas at the pump, once again its running fine but do I need the highest octane?
  2. my neighbor had been drinking heavily one weekend and he actually said that to me! sooo funny and he was serious as hell
  3. I cant even hear out of my left eye anymore!
  4. wouldn't supporting it where the tire jack would go on the pinch weld work? that is how i lift with a quick jack maybe I'm doing it wrong?
  5. when my parking brake is adjusted properly for function, the cable rubs the bottom of the factory floor pans causing wear marks and I believe to be a rattle on start up does anybody have any thoughts or fixes?
  7. thanks, I have the stock chrome 14 inch rims on now that I am going to switch back and forth
  8. thanks much for all your posts, great information! I am going with midlife's recommendation of stator terminal.
  9. After buying the car in pieces some 11 or twelve years ago, I cant tell you how good it feel do drive this thing down the road chirping tires through the gears!
  10. I have a 69 390 c6 with 3.25 axle ratio and stock14 inch rims on car, the speedometer cable was missing the driven gear so I purchased on eBay a 16,17,18,19 and 20 tooth set ,does anybody know which one would be correct or which one to start with for correct speedometer reading?
  11. thanks for the information, a great help!
  12. I have the stock fuse block on my 69 I'm not sure how to hook the electric choke there, I've been given conflicting information on the alternator some say not enough voltage? for sure not the coil, maybe the windshield wiper hot wire? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. pw520a

    brake lines

    so I replaced the brake lines on my 69 and as i was shopping for the new lines I noticed in the comments form 3 different suppliers that they don't fit correctly. On the pass rear side the fitting was pointing down instead of up to go in the cylinder, I think the lines I replaced were original to car and the line that was there had been re bent to make fit. Could it have come from factory that way or maybe someone replaced it a long time ago? What is up with the wrong bend in this part from different manufactures?
  14. pw520a

    magnum 500 rims

    thanks for the info guys its much appreciated
  15. just thought I would get some opinions on who makes the best reproduction magnum 500 rims , thinking 15 x7 any tire size recommendations?
  16. I am trying to restore my car as close to stock as possible, and I am in need of a air cleaner for my 390. They do not make a reproduction that I know of any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
  17. Here is the needy car. haha I actually found the parts local for 50 bucks! Thanks if you need anything let me know Gary 1.pdf 2.pdf 4.pdf 5.pdf
  18. thanks so much I have some extra parts maybe something you need? or will be happy to pay cash thanks Gary yes those are the part I need. let me know what you want for them. thanks
  19. I am converting my mach 1 to fold down seats, I purchased all original parts for 69. installed new sail panels and all fiberglass panels and fits and looks nice. no matter how I adjust the fold down seat panels they just barley scrape the fiberglass panels on both sides when raising and lowering the seat scratching off the paint, any tricks to solve this?
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