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  1. The Powermaster XS works great on FE motors. Should be the same for small blocks. You keep the wiring all the same except for a small jumper wire on the starter. CJ Pony has a video.
  2. I just used this wire with fuse. It states that you don't have to run the other wire if you use this 4 ga wire. http://www.paperformance.com/premium-short-9905/
  3. Mounted here on my race car: Mounted here on my street car:
  4. Took off my old trans cooler and fan: Stuck on a bigger one and hopefully it won't need a fan. Still need to do the lines tomorrow.
  5. Yeah, if you leave a 390 bone stock it will probably be slow with the stock cork of an intake and exhaust manifolds and it will be better to just stick with the small block. If would be easier and most likely cheaper to stay with the small block with all of the available performance parts. If you plan on doing a few mods on a 390 like a better intake manifold and headers, the engine will really wake up. Unlike several years ago, there is a lot more aftermarket support for the FE but unfortunately, the cost will likely be more than that of staying with the small block. Here's a stock eliminator 390 Fairlane using an aluminum PI intake, .481/.490 lift hydraulic flat tappet cam, 735 Holley, headers, unported heads, and a lot of careful machining and assembly. The car runs easy 10 second 1/4 mile times. Pretty good for boat anchor power.
  6. I don't have much problem with headers on a FE Mustang especially the ones with separate tubes like REF. The one piece street headers like FPA are more of a pain since you have to undo the two motor mount bolts and the idler arm and jack the engine up but it's still no big deal. When I used to run the Hooker street headers, I cut the flanges apart to separate the tubes and used slip on collectors which made it easy to take off and put back on. I guess if you're not used to working on an FE in a Mustang it can seem kind of difficult. You can see the REF headers on my old 428 stocker. You just have to pull the collectors off and unbolt each tube separately and pull them out from below:
  7. Can't figure out why people say it's hard to do plug changes on an FE. Probably takes me 15 minutes if I'm not in a rush. As mentioned before, the hardest part is putting the spark plug boots on especially if you have the big block shock tower braces.
  8. I would just stick with a C4 if you want an auto trans. That's what I use on my FE cars. You can get the right bell housing from PA or QuickTime.
  9. Look at the first item on page 36 of the link. I think it shows a 0.5" head for the spring centering bolt. https://www.amkproducts.com/Catalog_PDF/24-38.pdf I'm using a 3/8" socket head bolt on my Calvert mono leaf springs instead of the original centering bolt. The socket head bolt has a 9/16" diameter round head which fits in the hole on the rear end housing spring perch just right.
  10. Yup, the Contour fans work well. I have the same ACP radiator in my '69 with the Contour fans. I've been driving slowly on the dirt roads around here ( 10 MPH max which is basically idling) so I don't throw up too much dust. I have one fan come on at 185* and the other at 195* with switches to manually turn them on. So far with one fan on the temperature creeps up to 195* but when the second fan turns on, the temperature drops to 185* where the second fan turns off. If I keep the second fan on the temp keeps dropping to about 180* where I just turn it off so I don't know how low it will go with the two fans on. The outside temperature has been in the 80s. The engine is a 482 FE with a mild/moderate solid roller cam. You will probably need to go to a 3G alternator though. I did the swap which was simple. There is a 95 amp 3G alternator that is the same size as the old alternator but the one adjustment bolt is metric so you just need to get the correct bolt. It powers the Contour fans, fan for transmission cooler, electric water pump, electric fuel pump, and MSD 7 no problem. These guys carry the alternator and wiring kits for the swap. I used the kit to get rid of the voltage regulator. You can find the alternator cheaper elsewhere though. http://www.paperformance.com/95a-3g-alternator-1614e/
  11. Finished with the glass hood a little while ago so went for a drive on the dirt roads around here today. Had to blow the dust off the back of the car with the air compressor when I got back. LOL
  12. Are you sure you have a 2600 stall converter? I would think it would flash at least to the stall speed at launch and be where your engine is starting to make power. I don't know anything about AODs but with a C4 or C6 a performance converter is usually smaller than 12".
  13. http://www.paperformance.com/1g-3g-conversion-462802c/ or http://www.paperformance.com/3g-adapter-462802b/
  14. That's the proportioning valve and the bracket bolts on. Those fittings for the front 3/16" lines that fit into the block are hard to find.
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