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  1. We are back in the shop and working again. Firewall is in place, new torque box on drivers side, and preparing to install new floor pans. We are going to have to change the transmission tunnel and have just left the stock one in place . [ATTACH]9996[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]9998[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]9999[/ATTACH]
  2. I have the Total Cost Involved front suspension with power rack and went with the Heidts 4 Link for the rear. Installations and technical support were good for both companies. I'm very happy with the installation.
  3. My boyfriend owns all of the helicopters and is performing all of the suspension work and tube front end design. I've attached new pics of where he is checking the hood and fenders for alignment. These are the original fenders and will not be the ones on the car when it is finished. I ordered color to powder coat the smaller accent components, so we will be disassembling the front suspension components to do this and plan on fitting the rear suspension next. I'm having a blast doing this!!!
  4. I want one of the new 302s to go in it with the 6 speed. The plan is all modern under the hood. I may have to settle for something else but that is my goal. I want to drive this car when it is done and not have a garage queen.
  5. I bought the car a couple of years ago and did not have time to work on it. The tear down began about a year ago and a home made rotisserie was made for the car. Currently the car has been sandblasted, and a Total Cost Involved IFS is being installed with a custom tube front end. There is a Heidts 4 link rear suspension that is waiting to be fitted to the rear.
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