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  1. Great info! I heard about the timing chains being off off a little after i built my engine, especially true with the double roller chains. Might be able to free up some horses and not hurt my fuel economy. Plug reading is a HUGE HELP, that what i used to turning my car. Here is the site i used http://www.4secondsflat.com/Spark_plug_reading.html
  2. i know its not how you normally should hook it up but for my case it works and works well
  3. 14 initial and 38 total, vac advance is hooked up too manifold vac not ported.
  4. Detailed the car late last night and replaced the ignition switch wiring harness this morning....scary how bad those stock connections were
  5. yes i ground the center section of the weights to allow for more or less total timing (every engine reacts a little differently) and have timing come it smoothly till maxing out at 2800 rpm, i offset my high initial timing and total timing set up with the greatest vacuum advance sweep i could get to prevent knocking while giving great cruising efficiency. ooo the many many long night i spent researching combustion and thermodynamic theories to figure this stuff out
  6. Sorry for not answering i was slammed with finals. I have a HEI distributor that took a long time to set up just right with custom ground weights, 195 thermostat, edolbrock 1406 carb yjats been internally polished/deburred and tuned by the plugs/feel in 1000 rpm increments, performer intake, fmx has shift kit hooked up to a very tight tq converter. lots of trial and error on this on, since in my daily driver i have had plenty of time to play with it lol still chirps the tires shifting into 2nd
  7. Post your gas mileage and your setup or how you have it tuned. After a few months of hardcore research and constant tuning i have managed to get 23 mpg highway out of a 351w with an FMX trans.
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