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    69 Racestang

    Do you know how much they retail for?
  2. Wade i just purchased a similar car to yours from the US (i'm from Australia) and yes we do pay more out here. Mine was a similar cost to your's and i will have it landed in Aust for about AU$48,000. I have seen similar Mach 1 390's in Aust advertised for over $60,000 so i think your car (if it's as good as it looks in the pic) would be a great buy. In fact, if i didn't purchase mine, i would have been keen to look at yours. Don't know why the person who got scammed would send the car out of the country before they had the money. I actually didn't think it was possible because i had to have the title signed over (after i paid for car) before i could apply to our Customs to have the car imported. If you want to send me some of your car's details i will gladly post it on some of our Mustang Sites in Australia.
  3. Thanks Jayru. What size tyres are you running on the rear?
  4. Thanks Pakrat, i didn't think they would fit. Spacers are not road legal here in Australia so that is not an option. Was hoping they would fit as there is a 6-10 week wait on getting the custom wheels. My car will be shipped iout to Australia in a few weeks and i was hoping to bring a set of wheels out with the car. Looks like i will have to wait for the wheels. The customs wheels are only an extra $40 each so no real drama. Cheers
  5. Hi guys Just joined the forum after purchasing a 1969 Mach 1 390 4spd and now having a long wait for it to leave your shores and reach me in Australia. Have been reading a few other threads in relation to wheels and tires. The general consensus is that 17 x 9.5 wheels will fit comfortably on the back of the mustang with a 5.5 - 6" backspace. Have located a dealer that does the Torq Thrust 11 wheel as standard (and in stock) 17x9 1/25x4 1/2 6.375 Is this backspace okay or will i need to get a custom rim made with a smaller bs ? Thanks for your assistance. Gary
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