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  1. Thanks for the info on the grounds. I just hooked up a new ground cable to help make sure that everything is grounding out properly, but I am still having some troubles. It must just have something to do with the voltage regulator. Ill keep working and ill try to let everybody know what I find
  2. Hey thanks for the helpful tips! I just tried what you said and the gauges do move when you ground out the wires to the engine block. I did this with the oil and water temp gauges and I replaced the water temp sender and it is still acting crazy. So where did you say that I should put the volt/ohm reader to check the voltage regulator, just right on the regulator? And do you have any idea on how many volts I should be wanting to get from the regulator?
  3. I have a 69 mustang and the gas and engine temperature gauges move when the car is started but the needles increase when you step on the gas and the oil pressure gauge does not work at all. I am getting power to everything as far as I know and I just bought a new voltage regulator thinking that would fix things but no luck. So if anybody has any tips or tricks to try I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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