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  1. Good morning everyone, Need some help for a friend of mine. He has a '67 Convertible with a clean worked 302. Car has a factory tach. Last week he installed an MSD 6al ignition box, MSD Billet distributor and matching MSD blaster coil. All was wired up and everything was working with the exception of an erratic tachometer reading. I recall when I did the MSD setup on my '89 I needed a tach adapter. He purchased one last night and the instructions seemed basic enough but couldn't get it to work. Basically the white wire from the adapter went to the white tach feed out of the 6al, the black wire from the adapter went to a chassis ground, violet wire was not used and I thought the remaining red wire from the adapter went to the tachometer lead. When we connected it there was no tach at all. We then plugged the tach lead back into port on the 6al box and the tach was reading a signal but all erratic again. I'm lost. Here is what wire we are dealing with: Tach adapter: Red (to tach) White (to tach feed on MSD box) Back (to ground) Violet (unused as per instructions) Coil: Black (to MSD box as per instructions) Yellow (to MSD box as per instructions) MSD 6al box: Red (to constant powers) Small red (to keyed power) Purple & green into a clip (to matching clip on distributor) White (to tach adapter white) Black & yellow (to coil) Input opening (wire from tach into it) Any help? Can't seem to figure this one out. As always, Thanks Steve
  2. Not sure if the number of coils varies or if you can visually see a difference. I would call NPD and see if they can giude you. I don't think I would worry all that much about the control arms assuming that you greased the upper sufficiently. When you tightened the lower, were you careful not to pinch the mounts together? With the spring and shocks out there should be firm but smooth movement. I know it's a pain in the ass but you may have to take it all apart, check all of the parts, inspect the area and reassemble. However I would look deeper into the springs.
  3. nhall80, I had a similar issue on my '68 coupe. Turned out the springs CJ Pony sent me were the wrong ones. As a result my front was a solid 2" higher than it should have been. I went on the NPD site, looked at the chart and ordered a correct set from them, problem solved! Steve.
  4. This is the one that I purchased and used. Have had no problems with it at all. http://www.npdlink.com/store/products/switch_assy_turn_signal_repro-101684-0.html?shop_by_year=1969
  5. Looking for a nice set of 4 white walls. Preferred size is 205/70r15. Anyone?
  6. If my memory serves me correctly, shouldn't there be a place on the intake where you can drill and thread. Should be a flat spot.
  7. When I was working on my interior I was looking for a stock appearance with a multi-function stereo. I installed my original am radio in the dash but never wired it in. I had purchased the secret audio system and mounted it under the passenger seat, ran all the wires and connections under the carpet and it works great. I have AM/FM, satellite radio, iPhone connector, line in and even a set of RCA inputs. It sounds great, can't be seen and the remote makes it very stealthy and cool. Here is a link. http://www.cjponyparts.com/secretaudio-sst-stereo-with-rf-remote-200-watts-1965-1973/p/STSST/
  8. I did the conversion on my '68. Was a SSBC kit and it went on like butter. Love driving it. The reason I would like to stay with the 4 lug kit is that I had recently spent almost $450 on a clean, true set of 4 lug wheels. The car was so original I didn't want to change it. Hoping I can figure a way to make this work.
  9. Need some input before I purchase. I was looking for a front disc conversion kit for my '69 base coupe. It is the 200ci with 4 lug drums all around. Every 4 lug kit I see says it can't use the stock 14" wheels. What other wheels would I use? Isn't that the purpose of looking for a 4 lug setup, not to have to change wheels? I was wondering if anyone knows why I can't use the stock 14", 4 lug steel wheels. If I spaced them out a bit (1/4") would it all work? Don't want to toss out $500-$700 and start an avalanche of what I need to change in order to make them work. Thanks, Steve
  10. Here is another EBay item. # 160535180223 Steve
  11. I have purchased from him before, always been a good experience. Not too many parts out there for our 6's. I have a couple of other vendors I use too. Stuff isn't cheap or easy to get but it is out there.
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