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  1. stangnet33 - Decals came from http://www.graphic-express.com/ Look to be very good quality Burn - The spoiler is a National Parts Depot repop.
  2. I havent posted in a while but have been making some good progress!
  3. I porta-power hand pump with gauge and some if fittings from your local hydraulic shop. Depending on how much you want to spend.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I have since got a new heater box and heater core from npd. I also found an original setup which I robbed the blower motor/fan/resistor and heater controls. I have also made a new pigtail extension for the wiring. So it is all ready to go now.
  5. Here is a pic of my e brake fix installed. Got the odometer rolled back to 0. And installed into cluster/car. Last I Was wonder if anyone knew where these 2 black wires go to or if someone had a better schematic then I do. One is black/orange and one is black/brown.
  6. Well I haven't posted in a while because back in June I dislocated my elbow and haven't been able to work on the car (about 6 weeks). Since I have been able to use my arm again I have been busy working on the car most every night. I installed the motor and trans as one with the new hedman headers. It all went in no problems it was tight but no scratches! Got all of the brake lines and hoses in and the system is full and bled. When I welded in my one piece floor I forgot the bracket for the parking brake cable so I have included I picture of my fix. I just welded it up to some angle to bolt to the frame rail. I have also installed my heater box with new heater core!
  7. Pretty nice looking system you got there!
  8. Has anyone here changed an A/C car into a non A/C car? I have the new heater box and heater core, but I can not find the blower motor, cage, switch. I will keep searching but figured I would see if any of you have done this.
  9. The stuff I used was called accumat and I am pretty pleased with the outcome.
  10. Keep up the good work. I guess there are a few of us crazy people that will replace over half of a car and call it fun, rather then find a clean rust free car. What would be the fun in that! haha
  11. She is standing on her own feet again!
  12. Looks great, sounds great, and I think your dog wants to go for a ride!
  13. I went back in and painted the shock mount crossmember piece and think it looks way better now. Also have included pics from this weekends progress!:punk:
  14. Thanks for the comments. I think I need to paint the rear shock cross member black aswell. samwe - I am in the Kenai/Soldotna area. Got and pictures of your car?
  15. Black is done and she is coming home. A little custom paint work on the custom frame rails.
  16. I was just thinking the same thing that my car hasnt been on its wheels in 2-3 years now. Looking good!
  17. It has been a while, I have been crazy busy. Just need to wet sand, buff and paint the black on and she will be done!
  18. Thanks guys. This thing is going to be crazy bright!
  19. Got a few parts home from the paint shop. Filling up my spare bedroom (parts-room)!
  20. I really like the way the rocker panel look where yu blended them together. Awesome color combo!
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