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  1. This is a partial kit, missing the RH side door and quarter panel piece. Excellent condition.....Ford licensed/tooling, best available. Also have a complete NOS kit of same (if interested). $60 for partial kit, 125 for NOS.
  2. I have a nice one, with original pad gasket as well....I would say it needs a new glass though. I have a new one of those also/extra. I can have it blasted and ready for paint....email direct if like to chat. stangman68@mediacombb.net
  3. Located central Illinois, professionally restored front and rear, new foam, new burlap, all nice tracks and plastic hardware....very nice ready to bolt in. $1000
  4. i have the long "hockey stick" one if U still need....email: stangman68@mediacombb.net
  5. i have a lot of these parts....contact me and i'll see what i can put together for you....stangman68@mediacombb.net (i'm in central Illinois)...
  6. i have a full set frame and both pieces of motor mounts for BB. PM me at stangman68@mediacombb.net
  7. NOS part. it's the c8ZE-C (which i believe is the service replacement part).....The "A" was the assembly line issue
  8. any ideas on fair price for a 390/428 OEM fan shroud. C8ZE-8146-C.....
  9. i have two left sides in the cold/white....want to trade a set.....????email direct as i don't regularly check this site. stangman68@mediacombb.net
  10. purchased for my mach, but decided to keep OEM styled steels wheels on....complete with correct center caps, and chrome lugs. $600
  11. where are you located. I have a perfect, rust free 69 lid - that i just acquired with a trade. Will be listing to sell eventually. I'm in central Illinois. stangman68@mediacombb.net
  12. i have a new set that was never installed, been sitting in garage for years....will let go for $45 shipped. email me: stangman68@medicombb.net
  13. Anyone had issues with a big block fuel pump before....Mine is seeping or leaking from the screws all around the top. I'm assuming it is causing a vaccum leak of sometype. I took it out and drove around 25, 30 miles or so with no issues, then all of a sudden it bogged or made some slight hesitations as i feathered the gas pedal. Then just died. It did not start back up right away. But after waiting about 5 minutes and trying again, it started up,and i drove home with no further issues......do these pumps typically leak, or should i remove it and address. It had a new diaphrame kit installed at rebuild.
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