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    Rip Rock got a reaction from RobertKeype in 1970 Mach 1   
    Hello, I thought I would share this "mini" upgrades that will be going on with the Mach 1.
    First of all my name is Mark. Me and my brother will be working on this project (both own the car). The car was bought way back in 1995ish. It was last driven in 2000/2001. The car has been parked ever since.
    Untell reciently that we got the bug to work on it again. After we did the Supra (another project and on going) we wanted to Update and Upgrade the Mustang.
    A breif history of the car. The Motor (351C) was done in 2000 at Guyon Racing. Ballanced, blueprinted 3 angle valve job ect. It was dynoed at 428hp and 404 ft lbs. There is about 50km's on the motor and rebuilt tranny. I don't know why, but then it was parked. The car has been stated up every 3 months in another garage.
    The project contains the following modds:
    TCP Front coil over conversion
    TCP Rear G-link
    TCP front and rear sway bars
    New 3rd member 4:11 lockers (buggered the last 4:11)
    Magnaflow exast (headers back)
    T56 Swap
    Speed Hut gauges
    New Rims and Tires. (either the Foose of American racing 18" with BF Goodrich Tires)
    Edit for forgoten parts:
    Methanol kit
    A bit of a sound system ;)
    Mabye powerjectionIII as well.
    There will be misc parts as well. Cleaning up the engine bay and general making the car look presentable.
    Progress is done after work and on weekends if there is time
    Here are some pics of Day 1:

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    Rip Rock got a reaction from PhillipEn in 18" or 17" Wheels   
    Awesome rubber width mike! Specs please! I need wider rubber :thumbup1:
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    Rip Rock got a reaction from Footcutter11 in 1970 Mach 1   
    Thanks! Hopefully I'll have it back on the rollers this month or next. Then I can start to drive it again. Put this car on hold for a bit so I can finish up the other car, which is going on the rollers today for a pump gas tune.
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