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  1. I'm interested, do you know if these would fit 69 drum spindles? What's the price? Are you willing to seperate the fronts from the rears? Thanks
  2. How much do you want for the console? I'm really on the fence about a console so I'm really just curious.
  3. Here is his contact info from another forum. Contact Randy Jacobson at harnesses@fusemail.com or send a Private Message to Midlife. Or visit us at: Welcome to Midlife Harness Restorations http://midlife66.com/harnesses/welcome.html
  4. There is a guy on here I think he goes by Midlife or something similar. I haven't used his harnesses but he has given me very helpful advice and seems I be the go to guy for wiring around here. I know he also takes old harnesses and redoes them or if they are too far gone he will buy them for parts and sell you a good one. I'll see if I can dig up his website
  5. How much would you do for the fan shipped to 19720? I could also be interested in the gauges but it depends on the price, funds are low right now haha
  6. How much would you do for the fan shipped to 19720? I could also be interested in the gauges but it depends on the price, funds are low right now haha
  7. I jut think it's hard to compare the camaro to a mustang coupe. The camaro has one "hardtop" body style where the mustang has 2 (coupe and fastback). So to me the only real way to compare a 69 camaro to a 69 mustang is by the most popular body style. The 2 fastbacks you have linked still need work. I only skimmed the ads but they at least need some cosmetics. I see camaros in similar shape sell for the similar money. I'll try to did some ads later, my lunch break is up.
  8. I just want to know where you guys live that you can pick up a nice 69 fastback for 10k. I would gladly pay that and sell my rust bucket. Everywhere I look mustangs seem to be comparitivley priced to camaros if not higher, then again I don't look at stupid things like the hagerty pricing guide. Those guys don't value anything that isn't 1 of 1 or similarly rare.
  9. Thanks I jut bought the one from Cj's that was on sale for 147. I had a $50 gift card too so it only cost $100. It will get me going and then I can upgrade it later.
  10. I've never used dot5 but I use dot 5.1 in my daily driver 2000 gt.it has a higher boiling point then the dot 3/4. It's not much more money either.
  11. Yes, sorry, I do have the t5 bell. I'm leaning toward the cheaper flywheel just because I'm trying to get the swap done on a bit of a budget then down the road I can spend more. I just wasn't sure if it was a 157tooth or 164 tooth that I need. Since all your links where to 157 tooth flywheels I assume that's my answer. Thank you.
  12. Cj's is having a 20% off sale now thru the 26th and they have a few flywheels for sale. I just don't know which one I need. I have a 10.5" clutch and I know I need 28oz but can anyone tell me if I need a 157 tooth or 164 tooth? I know it has to do with the starters but I'm just not sure which one I need. I'm also not completely sure what motor is in my car, its either a 289 or a 302 but I haven't ran the numbers yet to know for sure. I know it's not original to the car but I don't think it's ever been opened up.
  13. I've started mine multiple times without the cluster in except mine is non tach.
  14. That looks great. Exactly what I was planning the finished product to look like. So you just ground the face of the scoops flat and glued them in huh? I might try that.
  15. Tried to send you an email it said your address is not valid. You can send me pics to thunderscrash@aol.com
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